My 7 Favorite Cities

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I have another post to share. This post is about travel again. Before i start my post, i wanna ask you guys a question. What kind of vacation do you guys love? Are you guys into beach vacation? Nature vacation? Or maybe city vacation? For me, i love city vacation. As an artistic person, i love visiting art galleries, museums, historical buildings and landmarks, exploring cultures, and shopping ofcuz. Plus, i love looking at sky scraper buildings and mostly i just CAN'T SAY NO to cities at night. Hehehe................saya nie dari kecik memang suka tengok lampu.

In this post, I wanna share with you guys my 7 favorite cities that i have visited. So here it is................

PS: Let's begin from 7 to 1

No.7 : Amsterdam (Holland)

Me at Amsterdam during Dec 2006

Amsterdam the city of art and culture

Amsterdam is the city of art and culture. I've been to Amsterdam only once in Dec 2006. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! It's been more than 10 years already. Seriously, i miss Amsterdam and wish to visit there again.  Amsterdam is a very lovely city. A lot of museums, art galleries, historical buildings and landmarks to visit. 

No.6: Lisbon (Portugal)

Me and Abeoji at Lisbon during Dec 2006

Lisbon a very beautiful and romantic European city

Me and Abeoji at Castelo de Sao Jorge (St George Castle). Very enchanting place to visit.

To those who said or still believe Paris is the most romantic city in the world, i recommend you to travel to Lisbon. Well, everyone have their own opinion. As a traveller, i always prefer Lisbon more than Paris. In fact, i also prefer London, Amsterdam, Southern Spain better than Paris. I never see Paris as the city of love. Huhuhu. Lisbon is a beautiful european city with beautiful old buildings. Lisbon also provides its tourist their culture and Portuguese heritage to experience. I only been to Lisbon once. I really miss Lisbon. I really wanna visit there again someday. Hopefully i will also get the chance to visit other places in Portugal such as Porto and Madeira.

No.5 :Bangkok (Thailand)

At the Grand Palace year 2018

In front of MBK. Most of the malls in Bangkok have interesting visual merchandising.

One of my favorite city in Southeast Asia is Bangkok. Bangkok is also a very modern city and a good place for shopping. If you love shopping i highly recommend you to visit Bangkok. I've been to Bangkok twice and don't mind to travel there again and again. To me Bangkok is also one the safest city for lady travelers. Insya'Allah one day i'll travel to Bangkok with my girls. Most people in Bangkok are also very friendly. I also have a friend in Bangkok. Oh yeah, not to forget............ Bangkok is also the city of handsome guys and beautiful girls. Hehehe ^_^

No.4: Singapore

Me and Eomoni in front of Marina Bay of the most important place in Singapore. This is where Crazy Rich Asians was shot

Besides Bangkok, Singapore is also one of my favorite vacation spot in Southeast Asia.The reason i love Singapore is becoz the city is clean, hi-tech, modern, and tourist friendly. Everything is so convenient there. Btw, saya dah lame x turun Singapore. Wish to visit there again.

No.3 : Tokyo (Japan)

Me 2012 in Tokyo

In front of Tokyu Plaza Harajuku 2018

I visited Tokyo twice and fall in love with Tokyo every time i visit. Tokyo is a city of heritage, culture, arts, modern, and hi-tech. Unlike Singapore, Tokyo is also clean. There are a lot of interesting things to shop and places to see in Tokyo.

No.2: Seoul (South Korea)

Cheonggyecheon Stream during winter 2014

Visited Hongik University during winter 2014

At Bukchon Hanok Village during summer 2017

Yay!!!!!!!!!! Hanbok experience at Namsan Tower

Summer 2018 at Seoulo. One of the best place to lepak in Seoul.

Seoul is one of my favorite city to visit. Unlike Tokyo, Seoul is also a city of art, culture, heritage, historical, modern, and hi-tech. I've traveled to Seoul trice and definitely x kan jemu visit Seoul. After all Seoul always have new attractions every year. My favorite place in Seoul is Namsan Tower (kalo gie Seoul x sah x visit Namsan Tower. Hehehe.), Insadong (a place to shop for cultural and traditional souvenirs), and Myeongdong. Seoul is also a tourist friendly city. Seoul is also a city with loads of sky scraper buildings and the city is very beautiful at night. Well, i just love cities at night.

No.1 and My Most Favorite: LONDON (United Kingdom)

Me and Abeoji in front of Big Ben during summer 2009

London the city of rich heritage!

No 7 -2 dah sudah. No it's time for no.1 and the winner is LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and my family love to visit London. To me London is a beautiful heritage and historical city. There are a lot of historical sides, museums, and art galleries to visit in London. I love the old buildings in London. I also love the red phone booth, double decker bus, and black taxi. Well, those are the heritages and icons of London. London is also a tourist friendly city. Makanan halal pun x susah nak carik kat London. 

Ok'lah, that's the list of my 7 favorite cities. Besides this 7 cities i also been to other big cities like Sydney, Beijing,Hong Kong, Taipei,  Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, L.A, and many more. In the future i wish to visit Doha, Dubai, Budapest, Moscow, Berlin, Frankfurt, Antwerp, New York, and many more.

Ok'lah, that's all for now.  Enjoy your weekend.


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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