My UK Adventures: Part 1 -Lake District

Anyeong dearies,

how's your long weekend and CNY holiday so far? Ada yg pegi vacation ker? Me and family x dek gie vacation. We only enjoy our holiday staying at home. Lagipun, kami baru jer balik dpd vacation from United Kingdom last Saturday, 2 Feb 2019. Now, I am here to share with you my UK adventures. Here's the part one of my UK adventures in Lake District.................

Day 1: 19.01.2019/ 0200 hrs/ KLIA - Hamad International Airport (Doha) - Manchester Airport - Lake District

Me and Abeoji in the plane............ boarding to Doha

Me and Eomoni with the famous giant teddy bear at Hamad International Airport (Doha) - transit to Manchester

My UK adventures begin on the 19th of January 2019, 0200 hrs. We took Qatar Airways flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Hamad International Airport (Doha) to Manchester Airport. Our flight from KLIA takes us 8 hours to reach Doha. From Doha we took a transit flight to Manchester. Hamad International Airport is really beautiful and impressive. It is one of the most beautiful airport I have visited. After 2 and half hours break at Doha, we took another 8 hours flight to Manchester. We reached Manchester Airport around 1230 hrs (UK time) on the same date. After we are done with the airport immigration, we rented a car and drive from Manchester to Lake District. It take us almost 3 hours to reached Lake District. At Lake District, we stayed at Whitbarrow Village. We called it a rest when we reached Whitbarrow Village since it was already dark (night comes early during winter :) ), and continue our adventure the next day.

PS: To any of you who haven't heard or been to Lake District,......... Lake District is an english country side situated in the North West of England. Lake District is popular for its nature, lake, lakeland, and mountainous region. Lake District is also a popular holiday destination. For those who loves nature, I highly recommend Lake District for you. Kpd yg suka bercuti di England, do take time to travel to Lake District also. Jgn asyik nak bercuti di London jer yer ^_^

Day 2: 20.01.2019/ INTU Trafford Center, Manchester

Me and Abeoji at INTU Trafford Center food court

INTU Trafford Center!!!!!!!!!!! Use to be my favorite mall masa zaman belajar di Manchester dulu ^_^

On our second day in the northwest of England, we visited Manchester (my alma mater ^_^) first before we venture Lake District. Manchester is not very far from Lake District. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Dpt juga saya melepaskan rindu kat Manchester. I stayed and studied in manchester for 2 years.

Day 3 : 21.01.2019/Whitbarrow Village, Keswick, Windermere

Me with Peter Rabbit wood carving statue at Whitbarrow Village

The sheep at Whitbarrow Village

Me in front of Keswick clock tower. Kalo sampai Keswick x sah la x bergambo depan clock tower nie ^_^

Peter Rabbit & Friends Shop at Keswick

Me and Abeoji at Keswick

The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction. A MUST visit in Lake District

Setelah puas melepaskan rindu dgn Manchester, we started our adventure in Lake District. On our third day, we begin our adventure by enjoying at walk at our resort area - Whitbarrow Village. Whitbarrow Village is a lovely place. You can really enjoy serene nature there. After Whitbarrow Village we visited Keswick city center. At Keswick we shop at Peter Rabbit & Friends for souvenirs. Fyi, Lake District is the home of Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit author and creator). That makes Peter Rabbit the ambassador and mascot of Lake District. So kalo pegi Lake District haruslah beli at least one Peter Rabbit souvenir. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! Tapi saya memang dah target pun nak bring home Benjamin Bunny plush toy. However, I end up bringing Mr Tod (the fox), Petter Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton Tail plush toy home. Hehehe............i am a plush toy collector and also a fan of Peter Rabbit ^_^.

After we are done with Keswick, we visited Windermere. At Windermere we visited The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction (TWBPA). TWBPA is a small team park base of Peter Rabbit adventure. TWBPA is a MUST visit attraction in Lake District/Windermere. 

Day 4: 22.01.2019/ Let if snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

After subuh on our fourth day at Lake District. It was snowing at Lake District on our fourth day. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lake District transform into Winter Wonderland on the 22 of Jan 2019 ^_^

Bermain bersame Abobo dlm snow ^_^

Eomoni, me, and Abobo enjoying the snow ^_^

I'm gonna trow snow balls atcha!!!!!!!!!!!

Syukur Alhamdulillah, our fourth day at Lake District was the best and most memorable ever. On the 22 of January 2019 is the day Lake District transform into Winter Wonderland. Syukur Alhamdulillah tercapai impian Eomoni nak main dan melepaskan rindu pada snow. Begitu juga saya dan Abeoji. We really had fun playing in the snow.

On our fourth day, kami x jln ke mana sgt sebab snow turun. In the afternoon, we just went for groceries shopping at Penrith city center.

Day 5: 23.01.2019/ Penrith 

In front of Penrith Castle ruins

In front of St. Andrew's Church

Penrith downtown

On our fifth day, we visited Penrith city center and Penrith Castle. Well, x byk sgt I nak cakap for this para. Overall, Penrith is awesome!

Day 6: 24.01.2019/ Windermere (Windermere Cruise) and Ambleside

Windermere Cruise

New friends bought at Windermere Cruise gift shop. From left: Cotton Tail, Mopsy, Peter Rabbit, and Flopsy.

At Ambleside

On our six day at Lake District we visited Windermere again (sebab masa third day tu kami sampai Windermere time nak maghrib. Byk kedai and attraction dah nak tutup). At Windermere we took a cruise ride. The cruise ride was 30 minutes and it took us to Ambleside.

Day 7: 25.01.2019/Kendal

Lake District is still Winter Wonderland 

At Kendal City Center

On our second last day at Lake District, we visited Kendal. At Kendal we did some last minute shopping for Lake District souvenirs.

Day 8: 26.01.2019/ Bye-Bye Lake District

Me with Whitbarrow mascot (maine coon cat). Dok kat Whitbarrow Village almost everyday saya main dgn dia. Syukur Alhamdulillah dpt selfie sama dia on my last day there. Really miss this lovely friendly cat.

Abeoji driving to Manchester

26 January 2019 was our last day at Whitbarrow Village and Lake District, and the end of my part 1 UK adventures. Early morning we check out of Whitbarrow Village and drive to Manchester. At Manchester, we took Virgin Train ride to London. Bye-bye Lake District. It was awesome. Tqvm for the hospitality and syukur Alhamdulillah semua urusan telah dipermudahkan.

Ok'lah, that's all I wanna share for now. Insya'Allah kalo kesempatan I will share with you guys the part 2 of my UK Adventures in London. So stay tune ;)


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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  1. Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seronoknya i bace your post and tengok pics you. I pun rindu sgt kat Lake District. Rasanya dah lebih pada belas2 tahun tak visit Lake District.


    1. Nanti bawak la hubby you for another honeymoon at Lake Dsitrict. Hehehe.

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