First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to a fellow blogger name Nafisa a.k.a @Novellisteer for nominating me for this Sunshine Blogger Award. As an appreciation, let me introduce to you my fellow blogger friend - Novellisteer. She is a book blogger. She writes book reviews and blogs about reading culture. For those of you who haven't visit Novellisteer's blog yet, her link is You'll be amazed when you read her blog.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging site.
  2. List the Sunshine Blogger Award rules and display the logo on your site
  3. Answer the Sunshine Blogger Award questions.
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  5. Notify the nominees about their nominations
1) What keep you motivated to keep on blogging or writing?
My strong passion for creative writing. Plus, I love sharing my imaginations and thoughts with people.

2) Was blogging something you ever consider?
Erm,... I started this blog in 2010. At first, I just wanna used this blog to sell my handmade crafts and accessories. I was making handmade crafts and accessories back then. Four years ago, I fell in love with creative writing. I feel that creative writing helps me to enhance my creativity, imagination, and makes me more innovative. So that's why I decided to continue blogging and rebrand my blog.

3) How did you come about your blog name?
Fadima Mooneira is my Portuguese name. The name was given to me by my Portuguese friend, Indy.

4) What are your thought on the reader or book blogger or maybe the book community?
To me, all are important. A reader is important for the publishing industry, a book blogger contributes and supports the publishing industry by writing reviews and creating awareness on reading culture. The same goes for book communities.

5)What is the perfect or best advice/tips someone had ever given you in the blogging world?
Be brave and confident to share your thoughts, imagination, and opinion. Be ready to be criticized.

6) When it comes to networking/Collaborating with others like bloggers and brand what method do you have as a way of approaching, if you don’t mind sharing?
I will approach a blogger/brand that is suitable for my forte (lifestyle, travel, pop-culture, and edutainment) for collaboration work. Usually, I just send my CV to brands that I believe are suitable to collaborate with at their website/bloggers community pages.

7) Can you recommend a podcast channel to listen to for motivation or wellness?
I usually listen to Rebecca Louise's YouTube channel for motivation and wellness.

8) For bloggers with a particular niche, what is your opinion on branching out to other niche or adding more niche to your previous one?
Erm,... I don't think I should add more. To me, four is enough for one blog. If I wanna add another niche, I will probably start a second blog.

9) As a blogger are you always glued to your gadget?
Ahax! You can call a fubber. I fub on socmed a lot these days. My phone and iPad are always glued at my hands.

10) What is your turn off when someone is reaching out to collaborate with you?
If the brand is not suitable is my forte and the pay is too low.

11) Are you in your space or still searching?
Yes, I am in my space. Lifestyle, travel, pop-culture, and edutainment is my forte.



1) What makes you interested in blogging/writing?

2) What is the best thing about blogging/writing?

3) What is your blog niche, and why do you choose that niche?

4) What are the challenges you face for blogging/writing?

5) Are there any special tools that you use to design your blog? If yes, is it ok for you to share it here?

6) Do you listen to music while blogging/writing?

7) What are the other things you love to do besides blogging/writing?

8) Do you love collaborating with other bloggers/brands?

9) Which brand would you love to collaborate with in the future?

10) Which celebrity do you wish to read/follow/subscribe to your blog?

11) What is your best advice for other bloggers and yourself?

Ok, that's all for this post. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Thank you very much.


Fadima Mooneira



  1. Congrats for the award nomination! Agree with your opinion on book community. All the best for the contest and have fun.

    1. Thank you Farhana. Yep, that’s what our Youth and Sports minister wants too.

  2. Good luck dor the award nomination and yes you should be greatful to your friend for nominating u.... she must be a close friend of yours...

    1. Thank you Puan. Me and Novellisteer are good blogger friends. We support each other a lot in blogging although we haven’t met in person.

  3. Naim sebenar tak tahu nak katakan apa, just nak ucap good luck di dalam dunia blogger ini. Kekadang di dalam dunia blogger ada naik dan turun. Kena banyak sabar ya. hehe

  4. Why my blog tak ada dalam list hehehe. Tahniah kepada semua yang dah tercalon dalam award ini kita pun dah lama tak main macam ni hehehe..

    1. Next time kalo I dinominate lagi I letak you dlm my nominees list yer. Btw, aktiviti macam nie byk dilakukan oleh international bloggers, and most are conducted on Twitter. So do have Twitter? We can networking there.

  5. Yea betul setuju dengan Naim jadi blogger memang banyak dugaannya kadang tak dapat lari dari kecaman dan sindiran nitizen juga. sama-sama belajar dan sentiasa hati-hati yg penting happy

  6. Interesting! A great sharing among the bloggers buddies. Nice to e-meet you! Mouse mommy is a parenting, lifestyle, beauty cum food content creator blogger and mom influencer. Welcome to check out my blog :

  7. Nice! Thanks for sharing. At least we don't simply do things and not running from your aim!
    I will take your words!

  8. Wow!!! This is a great sharing... Could still recall the good old days (2008-ites) when we loved to tag each other for collaboration, to know further or even awarded the person) team... Good activity indeed... Keep it up...

  9. best baca part yang jawab soalan tu. terasa terperinspirasi bersama. kot kalau mek di tag boleh jugak join nanti.

    1. Thank you for your compliment Mek Yunnie. You have twitter account? Selalunya activity macam dilakukan Di Twitter. Kalo i Di nominate lagi boley I tag you.

  10. baru tahu nama sis dari bahasa Portugis. Nice

  11. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations for being nominated and good luck yeh. Hey Fatin, you do handmade craft and accessories before? You ada buat lagi x? Nak tengok please.


    1. Yep, I used to design and sell handmade crafts and accessories. That’s the reason why I started this blog. At first x dek intension nak menulis. But then I fell in love with writing. You can check my old blog posts (year 2010-2012) for the crafts and accessories I designed. Thank you.

  12. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all d best Fatin. Congratulations on getting nominated. I wish u all d best.


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