Yoona The Asian Aphrodite (Plus Five Facts)

Her real name is Im Yoon-ah. But she is well-known for her commercial name, Yoona. Yoona was born on May 30th, 1990 at Yeongdeungpo District, Seoul, South Korea.

Yoona is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of South Korea's all-girls group, Girls Generation. Yoona made her debut with Girls Generation in August 2007. Girl Generation was the most popular all-girl K-pop group at that time. In Girls Generation, Yoona is the face of the group (most popular member in the group).

Asian goddess of beauty - Yoona (Image: commons.wikimedia.org)

Yoona (Center) with Girls Generation members (Image: simple.wikipedia.org)

Yoona's acting career began in 2007 with a minor role in Two Outs In The Ninth Inning (an MBC 2007 drama). In 2008, she made a cameo appearance in MBC's Woman Of Matchless Beauty. Her acting in the drama was praised by South Korean veteran actress, Bae Jong Ok. During the same year, Yoona landed her first leading role in KBS's You Are My Destiny. She won Best New Actress for her superb performance in You Are My Destiny at the KBS Drama Awards 2008 and 45th Baeksang Arts Awards.

As an actress, Yoona was most famous for her role as Kim Yun-Hee and Jung Ha-Na in Love Rain (2012). She played two roles in the drama. In Love Rain, Yoona acted alongside South Korean heartthrob, Jang Geun Suk. Her performance was extremely superb in Love Rain. It made me cry.

Yoona and Jang Geun Suk in Love Rain (Image: dramahaven.com)

In the Hallyu entertainment industry, Yoona is famous for her talent, beauty, and lovely personality. She is listed as one of the new National Goddess alongside Bae Suzy and IU. She is also known as the Asian Aphrodite (Goddess of Beauty) to her fans. As a celebrity, Yoona has achieved numerous successes. She has won loads of awards as a singer and actress. She is one of the Hallyu commercial queens (she has endorsed for local and international brands). Yoona is also known as a beauty and fashion icon in the Hallyu entertainment.

My illustration of Yoona (Image: My artist IG @fmooneira_art)

Yoona is one of the Hallyu beauties that I admire. So in this post, I'm going to share with you guys five facts about Yoona that make her the Asian Aphrodite. These five facts are also the reasons I admire Yoona.

#1  She's Enthusiastic And Always Ever-Ready To Learn New Things

(Image: soompi.com)

South Korean media has named Yoona as one of the best role models for young people because of her enthusiasm and zest. In an interview with Soompi, Yoona said that she always like to learn new things. The beautiful actress said, "I want it to be a time where I can do many things I want to do and hope that I'll have consistent energy that allows me to do so" That's awesome, girl! We will support you. Yoona recently passed her Chinese language test. Now she is also learning English and is good at it.

#2 She's Good At Cooking And Baking

Pastry pizza by Yoona (Image: channel.vlive.tv)

During lockdown or isolation, most people spent their time binge-watching movies/dramas, reading, or lazing around at home. But Yoona spent her time cooking and baking new recipes. She shared pictures and videos of all the food that she cooked and baked on her IG @yoona_lim that are delicious to look at. Good job, girl!

#3 She's Kind And Generous

Image: channel.korea.com

Like IU, Yoona is also kind, generous, and loves doing charities. Last February, Yoona donated 100 million won (82,000 USD) to the Community Chest of Korea. The money Yoona donated was used to purchased sanitizers and masks for health care workers. Good job, girl! This prooves that Yoona is more than just a pretty face. She is a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. Besides Asian Aphrodite, I also describes Yoona as the modern-day Grace Kelly. Plus, she is also as elegant as the Hollywood-legend-turn-royal.

#4 She's All Guys' Dream Girl

Image: ggpm2012.com

As the Asian Aphrodite and modern-day Grace Kelly, Yoona has a lot of fanboys and admirers. There are a lot of male celebrities (South Korean and international) who admired Yoona and named her as their ideal type. Beautiful, elegant, graceful, intelligent, and kind-hearted. Yoona has all the qualities to be every guys' dream girl and ideal type. She is also all-ahjumas' dream daughter-in-law.

#5 She's Estée Lauder New Babe

Image: allkpop.com

Yoona used to endorsed for a Korean cosmetic brand named Innisfree. She endorsed the brand for 11 years. Yoona recently ended her contract with Innisfree. After being released from Innisfree, Yoona signed a contract with an American giant cosmetic brand named Estée Lauder. Last week Estée Lauder announced Yoona as their new endorser. Estée Lauder is a prestige cosmetic brand. I believe Estée Lauder will make Yoona a global icon.

Ok, so these are the five reasons I admire Yoona. As a fan, I wish Yoona all the best in her career and future. 

So is there anyone of you a fan of Yoona too? If yes, what are your opinions about Yoona?

Starting from tomorrow, I will go for a one week staycation with my family. I'm also taking a one week break from blogging. I'm going to miss you guys for a while. Hope to see you guys after I return from my staycation.

That's all for now. Thank you for reading.


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing this! I enjoyed reading this and she sounds like an amazing woman!

  2. Oh I miss the Girls Generation days with Jessica. Yoona is really pretty (:

    1. Jessica Jung......I miss her too. She’s doing well as an entrepreneur and fashion designer. I’m happy for her.

  3. I've never heard of her or Girls Generation before - but she's really beautiful and sounds like an amazing woman!

    Laura // www.laurahasablog.co.uk

    1. Yes, she’s a goddess ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. I've never heard of her before but I'll be having a nose at her Instagram as it looks so interesting! I love a good food post! Xx

  5. I always learn so much from your posts. Enjoy your staycation.

  6. This was such an interesting and enjoyable post to read.

  7. Awww she looks lovely! I love her style and her hair, wow!

    x Natalie
    Lucy and the Runaways - Blog and Instagram

  8. Wow, landing a contract with Estee Lauder will definitely win her a whole new audience, that's brilliant. Also good that she's a talented cook too :) Have a lovely break, Fadima, enjoy your time out x

  9. I really love Yoona! Have you watched her drama with Ji Wook (K2)?

    1. Yes, of course I have watched The K2. The K2 is o e of my favorite dramas. Yoona and Ji Chang Wook have beautiful chemistry together. I wish they are a real couple.

  10. She’s beautiful ! I’m gonna go and give her a look on Instagram too !

  11. I've watched her in some Kdramas and I agree she really is simply beautiful :)

  12. That blue dress is so pretty. Really interesting post!

    1. There are so many blue dress in this post. Which one are you talking about?

  13. Who's Grace Kelly? I've always wanted to learn a second language, but it's not an easy thing to do when your dyslexia gives you problems with phonetics

    1. Grace Kelly was a Hollywood legendary actress. She’s the actress who married the Prince of Monaco. She’s an actress turn Princess.

      I’m dyslexia too. But it doesn’t stop me from learning Korean and French. Just learn it slowly. You can do it.

  14. Hello, Fátima. Allegra from Twitter here. I am commenting through my old Blogspot account so the comment goes through.

    I never heard of this actores before but you made her look really interesting. Now l'll have to look for her.

    Many thanks for sharing.


  15. Your blog reminds me of old school blogs. Fancy writing style, pink, girly and stylish. I seriously mean to restyle my blog page but I kinda don't have time lol. Nice blog.

    1. Fancy writing style, bright colors, girly, and stylish are this blog trademark. I blog promotes happiness and positivity 💜💛


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