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Welcome back to Fadima Mooneira ^_^ How are you guys doing this August? I hope you guys are doing good. August is quite a busy month for me. I have so many things coming in August. Please wish me luck. Before I begin today's post, I would like to do two shameless self-promos...

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Okay, that's all for shameless self-promo. Now let's get back to today's objective...

Today, I would like to share a review of a romance novel titled Dia Tetap Sempurna. The novel is written by Anjell. Now, let's not waste time and begin this review with Anjell's bio...


            Anjell and her bestselling novels (Image:

Anjell is now Malaysia's no.1 bestselling novelist.  Besides Dia Tetap Sempurna, some of her novels are Eksperimen Cinta, Suamiku Paling Sweet, Tundukan Playboy Itu, Hero Seorang Cinderella, Dr. Alpha Male, Dheo's, and King Haidar. All her novels are listed as bestsellers and everyone's favorite read. All of her novels belong in the adult and contemporary romance genre. Two of her novels, Tundukan Playboy Itu and Hero Seorang Cinderella have already been adapted into a TV series drama.


Dia Tetap Sempurna (DTS/ He's Still Perfect) belongs to the contemporary romance genre. The novel has the girl-meets-boy romance trope in it.

Dara Nailufar (the female protagonist) received a high school reunion party invitation. This reunion party is not going to be just another casual party. It's a party on a cruise. Wow! At first, Dara refused to attend the cruise party. Dara was scared that she might bump into her ex-boyfriend, Safwan, and his girlfriend, Raina (she was Dara's high school enemy). Dara heard that Safwan and Raina are still a couple and getting engaged soon. Safwan once broke Dara's heart by having an affair with Raina behind her back.

Dara's best friend, Suria insisted that Dara attend the cruise party. Dara had no choice but to agree to go to the cruise party with Suria. Suria also suggested Dara hire a pretend boyfriend to go with her on the cruise. Dara agreed with Suria's suggestion. That was a cool suggestion for Dara.

Dara wanted someone good-looking, tall, rich, and charismatic to tag along with her. So she asked her new friend, Audi to accompany her.  Audi had all the qualities that Dara was looking for. But unfortunately, Audi had a seasick problem. So Audi asked someone else to replace him as Dara's pretend boyfriend. But he did not tell Dara about it.

My fan art of Dara Nailufar & Eskandar Arasyah (Image: My Artstagram @fmooneira_art)

On the cruise, Dara waited for Audi to make his appearance. But surprisingly, someone else appeared instead. His name was Eskandar Arasyah (the male protagonist). Eskandar was Audi's step-brother. He was way more handsome and charismatic than Audi. He was tall, masculine, has dark brown hair and puppy brown eyes. Oh wow!!! He's a hottie. Even I'm in love ^_^

This was not Dara's first time meeting Eskandar. She had met Eskandar once before the cruise. He was the guy who saved her from being chased by a cat. Yes, Dara was scared of cats :P When Dara first met Eskandar, she was not interested in him at all. He was not a suave charismatic gentleman when they first met. He was rough and kinda rude to her. 

As the cruise sailed, Dara and Eskandar became friends. Dara found out that Eskandar is a nice guy. She also started to like him. Eskandar always made Dara happy. And Eskandar liked Dara too. But at the same time, Eskandar warned Dara that he is not perfect and had some dark secrets. Eskandar believed that his dark secrets may make Dara cannot accept him. What were Eskandar's dark secrets anyway? Can Dara accept it if she finds out?


First of all, I would like to give a thumbs up to Anjell for another awesome romance novel. DTS is just as awesome as Anjell's other novels that I've read before. DTS has a simple plot but an intriguing storyline. This novel is definitely a page-turner. It makes you intrigued to know Eskandar's secrets and backstory. 

Besides the plot and storyline, I also like the chemistry tension between Eskandar and Dara. These two characters have good chemistry. Eskandar is such a sweetheart. He is sweet, loving, romantic, and also very protective of Dara. He is another alpha male hero that is crush-worthy. I had a crush on him while reading DTS ^_^ Plus, I like his boy-next-door image that is portrayed by Anjell in the novel.

Eskandar and Dara's honeymoon (Image: My Artstagram @fmooneira_art)

Dara Nailufar is another go-getter female protagonist. I like this character a lot. To me, Dara is another book beauty that I can look up to as a role model. She's smart, quick-witted, always curious, adorable, and a positive thinker.  And if you like Shin Hari from the webtoon A Business Proposal, you will like Dara too. They have the same adorable vibes ^_^

Besides romance, DTS is also about family. Chapter 58 is my favorite chapter in the novel. It's the chapter where Eskandar made peace with his father and stepmother. This chapter and scene really made me cry. It reminded me of the scene where Landon Carter made peace with his father in A Walk To Remember (an evergreen romance novel by Nicholas Sparks). It was a very beautiful chapter indeed.

Besides the story, DTS also has a very imaginative novel cover. The front cover shows a cruise ship on a face of a man. And on the title, the word 'Tak' (Not) being canceled and replaced by the word 'Tetap' (still) make this novel looks so cool. The cover design totally gives us some insight into what's in the novel.

Overall, I rate DTS 10/10. I highly recommend this novel to my fellow bookworms who are into the romance genre (especially my bestie, Maddy since she's also a fan of Anjell). Trust me, guys, you're going to love DTS. Plus, it's a novel you must not miss. And if you're a fan of Anjell's most romantic novel, Dheo's, you definitely must not miss DTS. It's because the hero and heroine in Dheo's, Dheo Han and Nurisaa Rose made a cameo in DTS ^_^ This novel doesn't have any steamy scenes in it. But it does have some adult romantic dialogues. So I believe this novel is not suitable for those under 13.

Ok, so this is my review of Dia Tetap Sempurna by Anjell. I also prepared a fan cast with this review. So let's check out my fan cast for Dia Tetap Sempurna...



South Korean adorable and pretty actress, Kim Sejeong did a good job playing Shin Hari in the Business Proposal live-action drama. So I believe she will do another good job by playing Dara Nailufar. Plus, I see a lot of Kim Sejeong in Dara. Kim Sejeong is so Dara Nailufar. And Dara Nailufar is so Kim Sejeong.


Anjell portrayed Eskandar as the suave-boy-next-door, and his puppy brown eyes are his most distinguishing features. So I believe South Korean hunky actor and singer, Choi Min Ho will suit this role. Like Eskandar, Min Ho is also suave but still has a cute boyish look. Plus, Min Ho also has sparkling puppy brown eyes. So he is perfect to channel Eskandar Arasyah. 


Audi is the first guy Dara asks to be her pretend boyfriend. He is also Eskandar's half-brother. They have the same biological father, but different mother. Even though Eskandar did not have a good relationship with his father and stepmother, he still loves Audi dearly. In DTS, Audi was portrayed as a suave gentleman. So believe South Korean actor, Seo Kang Joon is the best for this role.


Sera is Audi's childhood friend. Audi secretly likes Sera. But he is shy to tell her and she has someone else. Anjell portrayed Sera as a very cheerful and bubbly character. I believe Red Velvet's (an all-girl K-pop group) youngest member, Kim Yeri is the best for this role.


Fendy is the antagonist in the story. But he is not a bad guy. He is quite cute and funny though. He is also someone in Eskandar's past. I believe South Korean talented actor, Kwak Do Yeon is the best to play Fendy.


Adri once dated Dara before she met Eskandar. They were in love. But unfortunately, their relationship did not end well. At first, I hated this guy a lot. I thought he was annoying, a jerk, and a troublemaker. But in the middle of the story, Anjell revealed that Adri is not a bad guy. He is only a victim of his fatal attraction manager, Sofea. I believe American actor, Charles Melton is the best for Adri.


Tan Sri Emran is Eskandar and Audi's father. He is also a successful businessman. At the beginning of the story, Eskandar hated his father so much. He thought that Tan Sri Emran betrayed his late mother, Puan Sri Elmira. But Eskandar doesn't know the true story. Tan Sri Emran loves Eskandar dearly even though his son hated him. He is a good father. I believe South Korean veteran A-lister, Cheon Ho Jin is the best for this role.


Puan Sri Sumayyah is Tan Sri Emran's second wife, Audi's mother, and Eskandar's stepmother. Like her husband, Sumayyah also loves Eskandar dearly (in fact, she loves him like her own son) even though he hates her a lot. Eskandar thought that Sumayyah stole Emran from his late mother. Towards the end of the story, Eskandar finds out that Sumayyah did not steal Emrah from his late mother. His late mother, Elmira wanted Emran to marry Sumayyah since she was dying from breast cancer. And Sumayyah was Emran's first love. Elmira believed that Sumayyah is a good woman, and will take care of Emran and Eskandar for her. I believe Chinese-American legendary actress, Joan Chen is the best to play Puan Sri Sumayyah.

Ok, so this is my fan cast for Dia Tetap Sempurna by Anjell. Has anyone read Dia Tetap Sempurna by Anjell? If yes, what are your opinions of the novel? Did you guys enjoy reading it? And did you girls have a crush on Eskandar Arasyah while reading DTS? Hehehe ^_^

Ok, thank you for reading. I'll see you guys again in my next post.


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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  1. I wonder if Anjell's books are ever going to be translated in english? As I really do feel like I would throughly enjoy them! Plus another fan cast had me so so focused! Loving this a lot Fadima xx

    1. I hope it will one day. So that I can geek about her books with my international pals.

  2. Good luck for everything which is happening this month for you! This sounds like such a great read, thank you so much for sharing this with us lovely. I’d defiantly love to check this book out if it gets translated into English. Xo

    Elle -

  3. I love reading romance novel and this sounds like a great read for me :) Thanks for sharing your review! I'm gonna check out this novel x

    1. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. This is interesting, I didn't read a lot of romance novels and this is seem good read. Thank you for this lovely review!

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  6. Sounds good. Loving the drawings, as always.

  7. Congratulations on publishing your first two chapters! Sorry I’m not on TikTok so I can’t support your there. Great review of this book and wonderful artwork Fadima!

    1. Thank you for your compliment on my artwork and wishes ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅฐ

  8. This is a great review. I can't wait to add you on TikTok. And I love how you summarise each character.

    1. Pls! Pls! Pls! Follow me on TikTok. I will follow you back ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Congratulations on the first two chapters of your book and for the new TikTok account (I have one but have never used it, haha)! I also like the sound of the book you reviewed!

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