Feeling Thankful!

EiYo mates and buddies, how you all doin lately? Sorry sbab dah lame jugak x update blog nie. I've been super duper busy lately. Hahah! Biase la! As you know UNIQLO baru jer bukak last 2 weeks. So we've been really busy with the opening. Fuh! Biase la jename baru at Malaysia. Japanese top fast fashion brand lak tu.  Mesti la ramai org excited bout it. At UNIQLO everyday kiteorg x sunyi. Mesti ade jer la customers yg masuk. So x de chance nak dok relax and borak with my mates. Haaaaaaaaaaaa.........................

Well, UNIQLO is totally a different environment compare to Zang Toi, Rizalman Ibrahim Couture, and Home Treasures. Kat boutique2 nie layan VVIP jer. So thats why la its different. Tapi yg geram nyer customer kat UNIQLO got no discipline, and over fussy lol. Mostly chinese la. Malay x sgt.  Opps! Sorry ha! Don't mean any harm. Just geram jer. Mase i jage fitting room que tu pun diaorg payah nak dengar kate when i ask them to line up straight! Ado! Must i bring a whistle! Dah tu bile kate product dah abis masih insist nak kite carik kan jugak! Hish! Well, what to do lol! As a Fashion Associate, i just have to work hard and ignore all that. Biase la! Tu la dikatekan pahit manis bkerje. Kerje mesti la tired kalo x tired make x kerje kalo x kerje make menghabis kan beras jer................lalalalalalalala!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ape lak yg i mrepek nie! Huhuh!

Well, today i'm feeling glad, happy and thankful for my own brand, Neira Fadima Designs bcoz all the first batch hair bands has been sold out and so does all the hair bows. After this i'm gonna do new batch of bandanas and hair net. Don't forget to catch it at this blog bile dah available nanti ok. Ciaow! XoXo!


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