I Love Paris!

EiYo mates, baru2 nie asyik borak sal fashion jer. Ape kate kali nie kite borak sal travel pulak. Hehehe...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, i'am watching a classic movie called Funny Face stars my favorite fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. That movie took place in Paris, the City of Light. Woohoo!!!!!!!!! Oh La La!!!!!!!!!!!!! Memang best giler! But we are not gonna talk bout that movie in this post. But about the beautiful city name Paris......................

Mase ptengahan movie tu ade part where Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire took a walk in Paris. So it shows all the famous view and monument in Paris including Eiffel Tower ofcuz. Haaaaaaa.............cantik nyer Paris! Every time i tengok Funny Face i always remember Paris. I've been there twice before. Paris memang a beautiful city. Byk bende yg interesting boley visit kat sane. Fashion kat sane pun best2 giler! The Parisian really know how to dress. Diaorg sumer stylish and smart2. Always maintain pnampilan. Wuhuh! At Paris pun byk art museum like The Louvre, The Orsay, and another place to visit in Paris is The Palace of Versailles. Thats where Louis XIV stayed. It is a very beautiful place with glamourous architecture.

But the best place in Paris ofcus la will always be the Eiffel Tower. What else lol! If you climb on top of the Eiffel you can get a whole lovely view of Paris. It will be really romantic if your boyfriend propose you on the tower. Wawah!!!!!!!!!!! Mule dah brangan i nie. Well, its been my angan2 to have my boyfriend propose me on Eiffel Tower just like Tom Cruise propose to Katie Holmes. But entah kan jadi nyate or not hanye Allah S.W.T jer yg tahu. Insya'Allah. Among all the big city in the world i have been, Paris is one of my favorite. Others include London (kalo bf i propose on London Eye pun jadi la! Heheh!), Lisbon, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Singapore. Tringin pulak nak pegi New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai. Insya'Allah one day i akan sampai la sane.

Me in Paris year 2005

The Louvre...........this is the art museum where you can see the real Monalisa portrait. 

Eiffel Tower at night! Beautiful!


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