Male Fashion Icons (According To Me)

Eiyo peepz, its been a week since i update my blog. Sorry, i've been really busy right now. Hehehe.........biase la since its only 2 days left before the big event. This 4 Nov is UNIQLO's store launching. To all japanese fashion lover, do come to the exciting event ok, 11 am, at Fahrenheit 88. Byk contest boley menang. If you are a lucky winner you might be going to Tokyo. Heheh! Harap someone i know la be the lucky winner. Rugi if you x dtg!

Ok lah, i tulis post nie bukan utk royak sal UNIQLO. Above is just to promote the opening ceremony jer ok. Well, i just wanna share with you one of my favorite topic and that is fashion. This time we are not talking about womens fashion. But mens fashion pulak. Whola! Lets share together about male fashion icons this time. I've already picked my top 5. Jom kite tengok kalo ade yg same x ngan korang nyer pick.......... hehehe..........

Zac Efron

High School Musical hunk, Zac Efron is really super stylish in 17 Again. I like the he dresses in that movie. He's outfit memang match he's image and looks. Zac really look hot in skinny jeans. Normally susah nak jumpe guys yg nampak hot in skinny jeans (opps! sorry to some of my male friends at UNIQLO! :P).  I think Zac really knows what looks good for him (biase la kan gf dia Vanessa Hudgens. Heheh!). Even he's outfit mase red carpets event put smart2!  Whola! Way to go Zac! We love you!

Ed Westwick

This talented British actor who star as sexy bad boy, Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl is also hype as a fashion icon.  Ed or Chuck memang pandai bgaye x kira dlm GG or even outside GG. All he's outfit are totally hot. No wonder Paul Smith like him so much. He's really hot and  sexy! Love him! Advice to all the guys out there yg suke bgaye............... copy la style Ed Westwick. Sure bikin stylo punye!

Chace Crawford

Ed's GG co star and also Chuck's bff, Chace Crawford a.k.a Nate is also hype as a male fashion icon. Chace also has he's own style. Dlm Gossip Girl, the fashion stylist  always pick blue shirt for Chace. It is becoz of he's beautiful blue eyes. WoW! I agree that Chace memang look nice in blue. Menyerlahkan lagi kehandsoman dia. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!! Btw, this guy memang nampak hot in anything he wears becoz dia memang naturally handsome. In GG, Chace or Nate usually wear Abercrombie And Fitch, Banana Republic, Fred Perry, and Ralph Lauren. Ps: I admit that i really have a crush on this guy. Kalo la dia memang bf i alangkah indah nyer dunia ini! Alamak! Bragan la pulak. Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Rafael Nadal

World's hottest tennis player, Rafael Nadal is not just famous for he's tennis playing style. But he is also hot for he's tennis fashion style. The King of Clay (he's nickname) has been named the most stylish men in tennis. He always wear bright sporty colors on the court. Memang cantik! Kene ngan image Nadal yg masih mude. Right now, the Spaniard is sponsor by NIKE. Dengar rumours NIKE nak kuarkan brand Nadal sendiri for tennis wear. GO NADAL!

          Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal's and Real Madrid superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo also has he's own style for fashion. This handsome soccer star is not just famous for he's stepover skills. But he's fashion sense also jadi ikutan to all young boys now. Most boys dream to be as hot as CR. But however there is only one CR in the house. Heheh! Sorry boys!  CR  has also become a metro sexual icon for sports. To me, CR has a good taste in fashion. Most of the outfits that he wears memang ngam ngan dia. CR pun pandai jage pnampilan dia. Plus with he's hot body............memang lah dia the hottest! Whola! No wonder people love him in Armani and Clear for Men. ^_^


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