Merry X-Mas!

This the season to be jolly...............falalalalalalalala......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eiyo peepz, i'm sure you all know what day is today. Its 25 Dec. Its Christmas! As a muslim, i x celebrate X-Mas. But saje nak wish to all my love ones yg bagame Christian. Wishing all of you a nice X-Mas. Especially to my flat mates mase kat Manchester dulu...........Indy, Kate, Maria. Huhuh.............lame btul x contact. Agak busy la. Well, besides that i also nak flashback some of my X-Mas vacation. Before this most of the time during X-Mas i slalu nyer gie holiday with my family at overseas.

Tringat mase baby kat Utah dulu everytime X-Mas eve kiteorg (family friends) slalu nyer bkumpul kat rumah Uncle John or Uncle Abu Salem to open up X-Mas prezzies. It was really fun! I slalu dpt toys best2 from my our family friends. Eg. make up set, doll, mainan masak2, etc. We even exchange Candy Canes that time. Gosh! I miss candy canes!  Heheh! Well, that was the days.

During X-Mas 2006, me and my family were on vacation at Lisbon. It was our best vacation. Lisbon is a beautiful city. X-Mas decoration kat sane mnarik giler. Memang beautiful. The Portuguese really know how to be jolly. WoW! We were lucky that time the biggest X-Mas Tree was at Lisbon. So dpt la kiteorg amik gamba with the tree. Mase kat sane gujak kiteorg ade try kuih2 kat sane. It was sweet and delicious. Yum!

The Giant X-Mas Tree in Lisbon.

With my mother during X-Mas Night in Lisbon.

Walking with my Dad at the streets of Lisbon.

I've recently got back from Manchester last year. So i have experience two years X-Mas in Manchester just the same as  Hari Raye la. X-Mas at Manchester x smeriah kat Lisbon. City dia x didecorate sgt. Just sdikit lampu jer. Usually it always very cold in Manchester during X-Mas. Memang sjuk mcm bku. Kiteorg kat sane kene pakai 3 layers outfit, glove, ear muffs, boots,..............almost everything la tu keep us warm. Most of my Malaysian friends balik Malaysia during X-Mas break. But for me i stay there. My Dad yg dtg from Malaysia. Hahah! Usually the day after X-Mas tu la yg best kat Manchester. Boxing Day! YaY! Time boxing day sumer kdai ade sales. Memang best dpt shopping sakan. Everytime boxing day sales began i always bangun awal. After solat subuh trus bangun bsiap. My Dad pun tkezut. Hahaha! Well, that was my 2 years X-Mas in Manchester.

Walking in the streets of Manchester.

With Indy ( left) and kate (right). Golly miss you gals sooooooooo much!

Ok'lah, thats all from me in this X-Mas post. Wish you all have a nice X-Mas! Here's a special greeting from me.....................

Merry X-Mas my love ones! XoXo!


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