Staff Of The Day! YaY Me!

Eiyo peepz, sorry for being MIA for 2 weeks. Seriously, i've been really busy lately. Samapai x de mase nak blogging. In this latest post i nak share with you all something really good that happen to me at my work place last week. Well, dah lame dah patut i share this with you all. But unfortunately busy sgt. Ado!
But i think its not too late for me share this. Still x basi lagikan?

I was really happy last friday that my boss, Mr Tomita San gave me Staff of The Day. YaY Me! I'm really happy for that. All my hard work and afford was notice by my boss. Thanx Tomita San! Maybe becoz i dokong anak org kot. Hahaha! Staff of The Day nie is like Man Of The Match in BPL or MVP in NBA la. However, i just accept it as a motivation for me to improve better with UNIQLO. I b'azam to get more Staff of The Day after this. Insya'Allah akan tcapai la. Gambateh (is this how it spell) Fatin! You can do it!

Besides that i also harap i will get my confirmation soon. Some of my work mates dah dpt especially anak2 trune yg handsome tu la. Huhuh!


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