My 2010 Highlights!

Eiyo mates, tinggal a week lagi jer kite dah nak sambut 2011. Huh! X sangke! Time moves really fast! Sumer yg i rase baru jer blaku ruper nyer dah jadi knangan and history. Haaaaaaaaaaa................

Ok'lah, like i've promised you in one of my last is my 2010 highlights. You can check out what i've been up to this year................

Jan 2010- Middle Of June 2010
My 2010 begins at Rizalman Ibrahim Couture. Actually i've started my internship under PUNB (Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Bhd) in the middle of Dec 2009. This internship program is for 6 months.  At RIC i've learn how to do beading on couture, designing, fashion house management, retail, visual merchandising, photo shoot management, and also be a runner (tukang antar barang. Workshop- boutique).  During my early days at RIC, i was a bit unhappy, frustrated, and also a bit ego because that time i think that the fashion house is not exactly what i expected. When i was first assign from PUNB to RIC i tough that at RIC i will meet new people who are totally hot, glamour, vogue, smart, educated, and can speak more then 2 language. Thats what most of my friends been saying. LOL! How foolish was i! Tambahan pulak the company's building nampak bgitu cantik outside.

But after that i've learn from my mistake and understand how is it like to be in the fashion industry. Thanx to my boss, Rizalman and other friends for brain washing me. Kalo x sure nie masih x mngerti. I think i was really lucky to get a place at RIC. Bukan snang nak dpt kejer at local reputable fashion house. Plus i dpt bkerje under seorg fashion designer yg famous and he tough me a lot of things that i need to know in the fashion industry and also working life. Thanx boss! I really appreciate what you've advice me. Especially about being professional and positive, and also the pyramid theory. At RIC also i gain new knowledge and skills on beading. Becoz of buat internship at Rizalman nie la skrang i dah boley start my own freelance business ( Neira Fadima Designs). Another thing that i would like to compliment my boss is that he inspire me a lot with he's artistic skills, good fashion sense, personality, professionalism, and hard work. I've read about what happen to Rizalman and he's company in the pass and how he bounce back to make himself and he's company successful again in the Malaysian Fashion Industry. I think he did a great job. Syabas boss! All the best for you in the future.

With my friends at Rizalman Ibrahim Couture. Gosh! Miss you girls soooooooooo much!

Middle of June 2010- End Of June 2010
I've finished my internship at Rizalman Ibrahim Couture during the middle of June. On the middle of June till the end of June me and my family take a break and went for a vacation in Phuket. Our vacation was great and enjoyable. We visit a lot of beautiful beaches and interesting places there. We went on a canoe ride. It was really adventures. Wicked!

At Phuket!

James Bond Canoe at Phanga Bay.

July 2010-August 2010
Balik saje from our Phuket vacation i trus started new job at a local furniture company called Home Treasures. The company sells kayu jati furniture with a mixture of modern contemporary, classic, and evergreen designs. I've enjoyed working there for a while with the furniture designers and learning about furniture design. But unfortunately furniture is not really my passion. I've tried to design furniture that time but x bjaye. So after a month working there i've decided to quit and try to get a new job in fashion industry. However, i was also a good pleasure working at Home Treasures.  I do learned a few things about business management and customer service. Thanx to the Bain brothers for giving chance to work in the furniture industry. Thanx to my boss Chris Bain for all the good advice.

August 2010 and onwards................
August 2010 was a beautiful month to all of us muslims. It was ramadhan. That time x kejer ngan mane2 company lagi. So i've started my very own project and it is my freelance business.......... Neira Fadima Designs. I've started with designing and selling hair accessories like hair bands, hair bows, hair combs. I'am really happy and thankful with my hard work. All my first batch products dah pun sold out. Thanx for my best customer Auntie Dah a.k.a my mothers best friend for supporting the business. Right now i'm doin NFD second batch hair accessories collection. NFD also planning to do collections for mobile pouch, dinner bags, and also busana muslim accessories like tudung and selendang.  So nantikan la product2 tbaru from Neira Fadima Designs at this blog or the twitter page yer. Heheh!

NFD beading Mobile Sox! 

Arwen Limited Edt! All of this dah sold out!

September 2010 till the end of 2010
Although i've already have my own freelance business, i do still think that i needed a job to support my freelance project. So during the ramadhan month in August, i went for an interview for a japanese fashion retail company called UNIQLO. I'am thankful that the interview was a success. I got a job as a fashion associate at UNIQLO! YaY ME! 

Working at UNIQLO is also another good job experience for me. At first during Sept we all went for a training session at Pavilion. After that we've learn how to set up our own store. The experience at UNIQLO x de beza sgt ngan mase keje at Rizalman dulu. At UNIQLO kiteorg also have to do a lot of things instead. Cumer at UNIQLO x de experience for designing jer. However i've enjoy my work at this company. I think i'am lucky to lent a job at a Japanese No1 Fast Fashion Retail Company. This experience is good for me to get a better job or started my own company in the future. I just hope my will perform well and keep on improving with UNIQLO.

With my new UNIQLO buddies!

Ok thats all my highlight for 2010. From my experience this year i can say that 2010 is a good year for me. Hope the same for you too. I also hope that 2011 will be a better year for me as well as i already set my own target for 2011. But i'm not telling you about my next year target right now. Biar lah rahsia dulu! Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing that i can say is that 2010 is the year that i've learn new things in life. 2010 is also the year of new friendships for me. This year i've made a lot of new friends............. friends at Rizalman Ibrahim Couture, Home Treasures, UNIQLO , and my bff , Iza also introduce me to some new friends.........Raden, Ferd, Id. Thanx Iza! WoW! 2010 has been a good year! Syukur kpd Allah S.W.T. Smoge 2011 will be a better year. Amin...............

With new amiga, Raden!

Buker at Secret Recipe with my pals.........jejake yg hujung skali tu la my new friend, Ferd. XoXo!


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