An Afternoon At The Spa......................

Aduh-duh-duh!!!!!!!!!!! Knape la i'm so tired ever since the last 3 weeks? Huh! Er,..........maybe becoz tlalu hardworking sgt kot. Hahaha! Tlalu byk bdiri, walking, running, and greeting. Hell yeah! Oley krn tlalu tired and not feeling well yesterday, i tpakse MC from work. Its not becoz i malas keje or saje ponteng. Its becoz i was having a terrible migraine attack. Aduh! Kesian aku! Heheh! Well, actually the day before smlm lagi i dah kene terrible migraine attack at work place. I've almost fainted. Nasib baik my team leader prasan i asyik dok jln and tjatuh. He told me to have a rest first and ask for another female colleague to pimpin me upstairs. At first i refuse by lying that i'm ok although my eye side dah already blur. Oley krn rase sakit sgt i naik gak la brehat. Thanx for helping mates!

The next morning i woke up during Subuh, my head still sakit. So decide to get an MC for a day. On the same same day my mother also decide to take me to the spa for body massage and ear candling treatment. Kali i x refuse and just follow Mami to the spa on yesterday afternoon. Mami said, "Let those spa girl do some magic to you".  Mami was right. Those spa ladies really did do some magic. Having my body massage and doing ear candling treatment really did help me relax and make me feel like brand new person. After that i realise that after all this while i need to go to the spa for some body treatment after all this hard work. I need to refresh myself.  Yes! I does feel great! My body feel more fresh then ever. Rase lege lpas gie spa. Maybe next time i should go again. Thanx to all the spa girls who gave me magic. Thanx for taking me to the spa mother. Love ya! XoXo!

Hehehe,.........saje jer ltak orchid picture since kat spa usally mesti ade orchids as decor.


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