Best Staff Of The Day Again!

Huhuh! Syukur kpd Allah S.W.T for all the hard work my boss, Tomita San give me Best Staff Of The Day last Friday. Wuhuh! Happy nyer! Its not easy to get it. It takes a lot of afford and hard work lol. Well, let me recall................. last Friday, only me and my friend, Hilmi jer yg jage casset 1 and 2 ( main entrance).  At C1 and 2 la greeting paling penting skali. Well however we did our best. Our greeting dpt pujian from Hirai San that time. Maybe thats why i dpt Best Staff kot. Heheh! However, i feel thankful to Allah S.W.T for giving me the afford and charisma to do everything my best. This is already my third time getting the Best Staff title. I set my objective to get more Best Staff title and improve everyday at work and as a person. Insya'Allah smoge Allah S.W.T makbulkan. Thank you also to all my friends mostly Hilmi, team leaders, and managers for all the supports. Kite sumer adalah pemenang bukan pengalah. Eh! Tiade sape yg kalah! Hahaha!

Muke Best Staff of The Day! Heheh! ^_^


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