A Weekend With my LUCT Buddies.

Last Saturday, I went out with my LUCT buddies ( Grace and Allan) . Kiteorg lpak at IOI Mall, Puchong. It was really nice hanging out with them. Its like LUCT all over again! Huhuh! Dah lame me and my LUCT buddies x jumpe since we finished our diploma. We graduated from LUCT during the year 2007. Wow! Its already like 4/5 years kiteorg x jumpe. Sbaik x byk prubahan lagi pade Grace and Allan. However ofcuz la the 2 of them dah btambah hot. Heheh! Grace is stylish as usual tapi nampak mature skit. Allan pulak lagi cute pade before. Biase la org baru balik pade London. Huhuh! We hang out at IOI Mall for like 5 hours. We do nothing much kat sane. Just shopping, window shopping, play games, eat ice cream and chatting about how our lives have been so far................... Allan is now a lecturer at Lim Kok Wing campus in Kuching, Grace plak tengah continue degree at LUCT Cyberjaya. Sblum nie Grace pnah work as a designer at Lotto. Well, we all are career people now. Dah grown up sumer. Heheh! Terharu lak lol. Our hang out was nice a sweet.  Thats all la. XoXo!

From left: Grace, Allan, and Me.

Allan and Me.

Me and Grace!



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