Our Girls Day Out! YaY-Hoo!

Eiyo peepz, here's a  new post from me. How are you all doin today? X pegi jalan mane2 ker? Today kan public holiday. Well its deevali. I'm sure most of my indian friends are celebrating it. Happy Deevali to all my indian friends. Hope you all have a nice deevali with family and love ones. Slamat mandi klape, pakai sari, makan tosey, muruku, tanduri.....................hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok'lah, tujuan i tulis this post is not for deevali topic. Tapi i just nak share about our girls day out last weekend with my friends- Iza and Reiko. YaY!

Well, it was just another simple girls day out. But it was fun. Especially dpt jumpe Reiko. Dah lame btul x jumpe dia before this. Dah cun dah you Reiko. Peewit! Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reiko skrang dok JB. Once in a blue moon jer dia trun KL. So bukan snang kami nak jumpe. Bersyukur la kpd Allah S.W.T krn mberi izin kami jumpe kali nie. Kiteorg hang out at Alamanda Mall, Putrajaya last Sunday. First kiteorg yam cha together at Gardens Restaurant. I first time makan kat Gardens. Sblum nie x pnah tahu pun that  this restaurant exist kat Alamanda. The restaurant was quite a nice place for all girls to hang out and yam cha. Rase macam nak jadikan Gardens Restaurant tempat kami lpak and yam cha la. Say what girls? Heheheheheheh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, the food pun quite nice gak. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After yam cha kiteorg tengok movie citer Traspass lakonan Nicole Kidman. The movie was quite ok la. Citer tang rompakan kat rumah org kaye. Hahaha! Tapi tension gak nak tunggu citer tu habis. Huhuh!

After we finish our movie, we went home ofcuz. Kiteorg x leh balik lwat sgt. Reiko have to drive back straight to JB. I plak nak catch New York K-Pop Festival at KBS malam tu. However, we are happy krn dpt meet each other. Dah keje nie its not easy to meet up like when we were in high school. Insya'Allah this Sunday, we'll have a girls day out again. Hope dpt jumpe lagi Iza, Raden, and Madihah this Sunday. What should i tell you more? Ok'lah, thats all. See ya next time! ^_^

Me, Iza, and Reiko.............yam cha at Gardens Restaurant.

Me and Iza! ^_^

Cheers! Me and Reiko. Hehehe..........

Looking at the props in the restaurant..............so beautiful!

Reiko and Me at the piano and the flowers.


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