Wedding at Tanjung Karang

Eiyo all, how you all doin? Last two weeks ade saudara-mara's wedding at Tanjung Karang. Well, not exactly relatives la. But my late grandmother nyer family angkat. Kiteorg mane ade darah Malay Java. Hahaha! In this new post i nak share with you all about the wedding. Well, the wedding was quite happening (you know la org melayu. Mrapatkan sillaturahim). Ramai giler org dtg. Makanan pun byk giler. Siap ade serve ice cram lagi. Wo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Style juga lol. It was really fun lol. I pun dah lame x pegi Tanjung Karang. The last time pegi was before i gie continue my studies at Manchester. Nothing really change there. As usual, the Malay Java kat sane are really friendly and generous. Kalo dtg macam la diaorg kasi kite bawak pulang. The journey to Tanjung Karang was breathtaking. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery especially the sawah padi. Memang cantik! Well, biase la orang banda...............jarang tengok scenery camtu. Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually me and my father suke jugak visit Tanjung Karang. Sblum nie kiteorg slalu visit for fishing ofcuz. Fishing sane memang best. Umm,.............what more can i say? Thats all la. Lets share some pics of Malay Java wedding at Tanjung Karang. See you! ^_^

From left: Me, Pak Ajam ( father of the bride), Mama Tan (my Auntie) Enjoying ice cream in the hot sunshine. ^_^

With the bride and groom.

The theme color is all purple!


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