Gossip Girl Boys vs Boys Over Flowers (Korean F4)

An nyoung guys and gals, in my last post i ade mention that i will compare Gossip Girl boys fashion with Boys Over Flowers in my future post. Well, here is it now! Huhuh! I think most of you already agree with me that both the GG boys and the Korean F4 are the most stylish boys in world. Btul x? Well, maybe some of you have your own opinion. Huhuh! But............Nate, Chuck, Dan vs Jun Pyo, Ji Hu, Yi Jeong, Woo Bin..................... sape lagi stylish??????????? Hahaha...................thats the topic that we would like to discuss today. I'm gonna share with you about their fashion ( the difference and the similar) in this post. Ok, lets not lingo and get start......................

Gossip Girl Boys

As you all already know that Gossip Girl is one of the most popular tv series in world. GG is also based on a novel called Gossip Girl. The story is more about fashion, Mahattan's elite lifestyle, friendship, and ofcus...............scandals! Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gossip Girl is famous for their stylish couture. Both girls and guys. Gossip Girl boys are Nate (Chace Crawford), Chuck (Ed Westwick), and Dan (Pan Badgley). This three hottie characters also have their own style when it comes to fashion. Accoarding to GG Couture, Nate is mixture of Upper East Side pretty boy and casual style. The way Nate dresses himself is more like all he's outfit were pick and choosen by his mother. Sometimes he's shirt is tuck in and sometimes tuck out. It is like he doesn't bother much bout clothes although he do care to dress well at the same time. Nate also offens wear blue color outfit. The GG costume stylist once mention that Chace Crawford has beautiful blue marbel like eyes.........so thats why they choose blue color outfit for him to refelct he's beautiful blue eyes. Hehehe! Chuck's character is more into the Upper East Side classy gentlement sauve look. In GG, Chuck always wear blazzers, long tailored coats, trench coats, and sometimes suit. Chuck also likes to wear multi color shirts and sweater. Dan is more into casual style. Dan is the boy who doesn't care much about fashion. He just wear anything that is comfy for him.

Boys Over Flowers

Umm,...............in my post before i've already mention to you a lot about BOF fashion kan? Ok'lah just sdikit rumusan..............the BOF hunks are also known as the Korean F4. Boys Over Flowers stars Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo, Kim Hyun Joong as Yun Ji Hu, Kim Beom as So Yi Jeong, and Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin. Jun Pyo's style is called the "Black Edge Look", Ji Hu's style is called the "Soft White Look", Yi Jeong's style is called the "Three Piece Look", while Woo Bin's style is called the "Patterned Look".

The Difference.....................

The difference between the GG boys and the Korean F4 is the West and Asian style. I think the Korean F4 fashion are more adventuress compare the the boys in Gossip Girl. Well, biase la...................West punye fashion for men mesti skema sikit. Guys must always wear black color tux. X boley pakai color lain nanti nampak akward kate Fashion Police on E! Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Joanne Rivers. Kutuk la plak. Opps! The Koreans plak really make mens fashion different. As we can see in BOF...............Woo Bin's Patterned Look style is really adventuress and creative. All of he's tux have motifs on it. Memang mnarik and ade style! Dari segi hairstyle pun the Korean are more creative. We can see a lot of new stylish different hairstyle in BOF. Plus Jun Pyo's croissant hairstyle (it looks like a croissant bread) and Ji Hu's chestnut hair color became a trend after Boys over Flowers. Huhuh...............bukan snang to get the croissant hair tu. Dengar citer Lee Min Ho kene permed he's hair for like 6 hours. LOL! Lame tu! In Gossip Girl, only Nate jer the one with the different hairstyle. Chuck is always stick to he's classy look and Dan just stick to he's casual look. Plus the guys in Gossip Girl doesn't wear much accessories compare the the Korean F4.

The Similar..........................

Besides the difference, there are also similarity between the fashion in Gossip Girl and Boys Over Flowers. We can see the similarity in the school uniform. The boys at Saint Judes and Shinwa both wore dark blue blazzers, khaki pants, stripy neckties. Except the boys at Saint Judes wore yellow shirt while the boys at Shinwa wore white shirt.What is the same about GG boys fashion and the Korean F4 is that both fashion reflect boys from rich society. Yup! Both GG Boys and the Korean F4 are all well dress and have their own sophisticated look.

Ok'lah, thats all i wan to share with you all today. Thank you hope to see you again. Have a nice day. XoXo!


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