Countries and Places Me and My Amigas Should Visit Together!

Annyeong all, syawal dah abis. Dah mule get back to business ker? Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! Me dah start sem 2 dah. Huhuh! Agak busy la jgak. Sem 2 nie macam lagi challenging jer. Tapi x pe. Its good to accept challenge. Yay! Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last wed, after finish me and my bff, Maddie lpak at Zar Bakery............We discuss about which country in Asia and Europe we should travel to together one day. Some of our suggestion are Vietnam, China, Hong Kong.............yeah and ofcuz, i would like to visit Japan and South Korea with my amigas plak. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that me and Maddie, and also my friend Zila sambung our discussion at Twitter lak. Macam2 suggestion. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! Zila ofcuz nak travel to South Korea lagi although she've been there twice. Maddie lak suggest eastern europe and central asia for adventure. Good idea! All are good ideas! Ok'lah, dlm post nie i nak make a list of which countries in Asia and Europe we should visit together spt yg i dah janjikan to the girls..................................

1) Japan
2) South Korea
3) Hong Kong
4) China (Beijing)
5) Vietnam
6) Taiwan
7) Bangkok
8) Phuket
9) Bali
10) Johor- Lego Land and JPO! Hehehe!

1) Madrid
2) Barcelona
3) Lisbon
4) Amsterdam
5) Paris
6) Germany
7) Switzerland
8) Brussel
9) Belgium
10) Prague

Ok'lah, nie my opinion. Kalo ade any ideas gitau ar ladies. Jgn luper our plan for Lego Land. Insya'Allah kalo ade rzeki boley la kite travel together one day. Insya'Allah. XoXo!

Namsan Tower. Best place to visit in Seoul.


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