Jin Se Yun Heroin Bridal Mask

Annyeong ha seh yo peepz! Korang follow x Korean drama, Bridal Mask? Last night was the last episode of Bridal Mask. Kalo ade yg x tengok smlm x perlu risau. One HD sure ade byk repeat nyer. Yg x pnah follow drama series tu pun x pe boley jer download on the net or pop to the nearest dvd store and get the box set when its available nanti.

Tujuan i tulis this post bukan nak share ngan you all about the drama. Tapi saje nak tulis kit about the heroin of Bridal Mask. Korang knal sape? Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok'lah, introducing Jin Se Yun (the one who played Oh Mokdan in Bridal Mask). I'm sure some girls yg minat Moon Joo Won sdikit feeling green with her. Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially with all the kissing since with Joo Won kan. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Itu sumer hanye skadar lakonan jer. Ok'lah, here's a bit about the cute young rising star

Jin Se Yun was born on 15 February 1993. That makes her an Aquarius. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's so young. Only 19 this year. Besides Bridal Mask, Se Yun have already star in It's Ok, Daddy's Girl (2010), The Duo (2011), Daughters of Bilitis Club (2011), My Daughter The Flower (2011), and Five Fingers (2012). She have also star in a movie called White: curse of The Melody (2011). Ok'lah, thats all. Lets share some of Se Yun's hot cute pictures...........................................

Jin Se Yun a.k.a Oh Mokdan in Bridal Mask.

Sweet nyer pakai straw hat!

Love the dress!

Woohoo!!!!!!!!! See the leg................

Very sexy!


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