New Sem Begins Soon! Acha-cha fighting!

Annyeong all! Dah masuk minggu ke-3 raye. Kjap jer kan? How's your rayer so far? Good? Hope you guys had a good one. Mesti sumer busy ngan open house and kenduri kawen kan? Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! Same la with  me also.

Huhuh! Holiday pun dah coming to an end already. Bagus la. New sem will start next week. Yay! Excited rase nak start sem baru. Next week me and my friends dah start sem 2 for our MBA program. I'll be majoring in Marketing. My friend, Yatie also will be majoring in marketing. Yahoooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Same class la kite Tie. Dah reg same dah pun. Hehehe! Except my friend, Sofia jer yg majoring in HR. Umm,..........minat masing la. Tiade halangan. Huhuh! At least for core subject we still going to be in the same class. So still can work together for core subjects. Huhuh! Ok'lah, thats all i nak share. Acha-cha fighting me! Hehehe!

Sweet memories of sem 1. Naughty girls grooving in da classroom. Hehehe!

Sem 2 dah start minggu dpan. Acha-cha fighting ladies! ^_^


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