Hello Kitty Town

Eiyo guys, how was your Gong Xi Fa Cai? Hope everything turns out good. Btw, i'm here to share with you guys about by my one day trip to Hello Kitty Park at Bandar Sri Iskandar Johor. Last Monday, me and my family when to Hello Kitty Town. Memang dah lame i nak visit HKT. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Kawaii. Tapi sayang my bff, Madihah x dpt join kami krn she wasn't feeling well. Sob2! Insya'Allah next i akan dtg lagi ke HKT with Madihah, Iza, and our other gal pals.  Hello Kitty Town was really awesome.  There is a teacup ride, activities, performances from the characters, and also visit to Kitty House. Kitty House la paling awesome skali. It is actually a promotion tool to show Kitty fans that Hello Kitty dah ade macam2 products from room to dining to kitchen to toilet. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!! Besides Hello Kitty Town we also went to Big Club Studios, and Lat's Place. Lat's Place was quite good. Its a fine dining where the people can interact with the characters. Its quite fun lol. Ok, lets share some pictures. Pictures tell a thousand stories..................... XOXO!

At the entrance

Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel mbuat psembahan.

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! I wish this are my collection.

In Kitty's bedroom.

Bgamba dgn Hello Kitty. Weeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Childhood memories with Barney at The Big Club Studios.

Panorama Lat.


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