Pulau Bintan 2013

Heya everyone, just drop to share with you all about my last overseas vacation in Pulau Bintan. Btw, i'm sure you all  sumer pun tahu kan where is Pulau Bintan? Well, Pulau Bintan is one of Indonesian island bawah kit pade Singapore. Bintan use to be Tanah Melayu actually (part of Riau Lingga). Tapi sayang nyer mase zaman colonial dulu the British gave the island to the Dutch to get Melake. That's how Bintan is now Indonesia.

Kalo ikut sejarah Melayu dulu, Pulau Bintan is where Sultan Mahmud of Melake mlarikan diri after Melake jadik tanah jajahan Portuguese. Athough Bintan is under Indonesia, but still org2 local sane are still like Malay. They speak bahasa malaysia sruper jer dgn org2 melayu kite. Budaye diaorg pun more like malay, their dance,  pakai malay traditional clothes (baju kurung and baju melayu). If you watch classic Malay movies most of the stories are located in Bintan such as Lancang Kuning.

However, there is nothing much to see in Pulau Bintan. Kat sane x byk pun historical spot. Most of the posh exclusive resorts were owned by Singaporean's. They don't really maintain the historical part there. Like my friend, Lina told me Pualau Bintan is a good place for water sports. If you are not into water sports Bintan will be just a place to relax and chill. Thats all lol.

Ok'lah, now lets share some photos of Pulau Bintan....................


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