Kimchi Girls!

Anyung ha seh yo mates, just compose this post to share with you all about me and my girls lunch date at a Korean restaurant name Ko Hyang at Cyberjaya. Well,  we girls just wanna have a fun moment together and wanna try something different. Actually dah lame Iza nak  yamcha Korean food. Tapi most Korean restaurant that i know are quite far from our place (Damansara, Bangsar, Subang Jaya). Mase jln2 dgn family last two weeks tjumpe plak Ko Hyang Restaurant at Schalftbury Square. So i roger my girls and we yamcha here today. Nothing much kiteorg buat hari nie. Just lunch and chit chat only. Mase x byk sgt. Iza got work after 5pm. Dia kejer malam. Huhuh. Ok'lah, lets share some pics. Take care. Saranghen.

From left :Madihah, Iza, and Me.

Madihah and Me.

Mokja! (Thats how the Koreans say "Lets eat")

Yum! Madihah mnikmati kimchi.

Toppokki! ^_^

Kimchi, ikan bilis, and pickle.


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