Lunch At Serai

Hello peepz! I'm back again. Kali nie i nak share with yawl about my lunch at Serai Restaurant, Cyberjaya. Lunch tadi me and omoni when to out to have lunch at Serai as the restaurant offer yummilicious meals. Yes, they do! Besides just sdaplicious food, the restaurant also has good ambiance. Very warm and calm. Yup! It has all the servicescape. Tapi sayang ade juge benda yg slack dlm service mereka. Golly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes them soooooooooooo long to deliver our food. Lame bnar kami mnunggu. Me and omoni tunggu sampai satu jam baru makanan kami dihidangkan. Aigoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dah lapar dah kami time tu. Pwot pun dah mule mdendangkan lagu hip-hop. Ayoyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, they do apologize that today diaorg kurang man power. Oh!!!!!!!! I see.................. Tapi macam mane pun x elok buat customer tunggu. Well, at least they apologize lol. Since the food is as good as ever so dpt la cover slack tu. But however, in my opinion the speed of the service is something Serai should improve in order to make their service better in the future. Ok'lah, thats all. Take care.

 Yummilicious Pavlova. This is Serai's trademark. Yum2!


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