SME Corp Asean Korean Conference 2013

Anyung Ha Seh Yo peepz! How are you all doin. Just drop by to share my memoirs on SME Corp Asean Korean Conference 2013 that i've attend last Wednesday and yesterday. The event was really good. Memang berbaloi! Lucky we UKM students dpt sponsor to attend the conference. Fees to attend the conference mahal tau. Around RM450. Woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sayang btul to my classmates yg x attend. Huhuh! Lots of good opportunities lol.

First day (12 June 2013), we listen to Dr Kim Young-Hwan, Mr Kim Ki Young, and Mr K.V.Vasa on FTA Opening Borders, Integrating Economies. It was really inspiring. Then second session, we listen to Mr Yoon Sang Soo (he is the Minister and Consul General for Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Malaysia), Mr Lee Young Dal (who is the Deputy Director of KCS), Mr James Rhee (Executive Senior Consultant at KOTRA), and Mr Ari Rusyaidi (Executive director of Faro Industries) on Krean Business 101 (its about doing business in Korea with Korean people). Mr Ari Rusyaidi story is very interesting and inspiring. For the third session we listen to innovative ideas from successful entrepreneurs from South Korea (Mr Wong Sangho), Singapore (Dr Dean Tai) and Indonesia ( Dr Dewi Motik Pramono). These people are really creative. They really think out of the box. It is really inspiring how they create their innovative ideas for setting up their own business. That's what i like! From these entrepreneurs, i also notice that these people really have the bubbly, friendly, and humble personality. These personality are the key of success for every entrepreneurs.

The topics got more interesting on the second day ( 13 June 2013). For the first session we listen to a very inspiring topic. It is about coping out with failures. The title of the topic is "Failure Is The Beginning Of Success". Dlm bahase it means "Anugerah Dari Kegagalan". When you fail it doesn't mean it is the end of the world, it is the dawn of a new day. We should have the courage to bounce back from our falls. Mr Roberto C.Amores (successful Mango business man from Philippines) is right, "If the door in front of you is close, you should not just sit down. Look out the window for new opportunities".

The last topic was the most interesting topic. It is about "Creative Industry". This topic tells us about how South Korea re-brand their nation using their "Pop Culture". Wow!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! The speakers were Mr Lee Yang Hwan (Kocca) , and Mr Yun Jeajin (of KTO). They were talking about how K-Dramas, and K-Pop create a hype to the South Korean nation and make South Korean big around the world. This is a phenomena. Before this Hollywood, Bollywood use to rule the Pop Culture. But now its Hallyu.  The speakers pointed all the success key factor of K-Pop and K-Dramas. It is really interesting. Last but not least, our Dato Mohd Mahyidin Mustakim also highlight how Malaysia is slowly using our pop culture to re-brand our nation. May Malaysia one day become big too. Insya'Allah. After lunch, we visit the Smidex Exhibition. It was really want discovering, and learning about new products inventions from Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Khazakstan, Iran, etc. Everyone around the world have a creative mindset. Now days, to do business you must always think out of the box. Not just trying to bring competitors down. Pn Adlin is right think blue ocean! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

Success factors of Korean Dramas.

Success factors of K-Pop

My Omoni juge turut tanye questions on Pop Culture. 

Ps: You can see most of this events pic at my Facebook page (Fatin Miori Sakura). I dunno whats wrong with bloodspot uploader at the moment. Huhuh!


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