Potluck Party (Rockin Saturday Night)

Hi friends, long time haven't heard kan. I baru jer abis final exams and presentations. Now on holiday! Weeehooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, x dek byk citer sgt. Just nak share ngan you guys sal our Potluck Party yesterday. Hehehe................

The party was good walopun sederhana jer. It is special for our seniors yg akan grad this sem. Kudos to our friend, Putriana for making this Potluck Party lively. You rock baby!!!!!!!!!!! For this Potluck Party we bring our own food, chit chat, have fun, dancing, and play some games (the best part). Ok'lah, lets share some pictures and see you next time..........................

Me and Heather arrive.

Sumer makanan ltak kat sinie.

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Japanese cook at work with he's Indian assistant. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!

Iranian cooks at work.

From left: Kak Ejah, Me, Yatie, and Elnaz.

Me with Ace Long.

Me with Abraham Li.

 I tot Teacyon is coming to propose............

Seniors who are going to grad this sem. Heather is one of them. Congratz Heather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Us against the world!


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