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My Borneo Adventures: Kuching (Part 1)

Gerai nyamai! Bakani gayak kitak? ^_^ (Cewah mentang2 baru visit Sarawak terus speaking Iban). Hehehe!!!!!!!!!! It means "cheers! How's life?"

Tanpa membuang masa saya mahu berkongsi dengan kalian sumer kisah pengembaraan saya ke Pulau Borneo pada 1 October - 9 October 2016.  Let's get it started..............

1 October 2016: KLIA >> KCH 

Me with all the kitties ^_^ Meow!

On the first day, we begin our adventure at KLIA. We took flight there to KCH (Kuching International Airport). The flight took us nearly 2 hours to reach Kuching. When we reach Kuching we went straight to Hotel Majestic Riverside (that's where we stayed in Kuching). We've rest for a while.

During afternoon, we went for a walk nearby the hotel area for window shopping and snapping pictures. Kuching or shall i say Sarawak is a very interesting state. The environment is very different compare to here. Traveling to Sarawak is like traveling to another country. You get to experience different kinds of culture. Memang nyaman gilak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seafood dinner with family at Top Spot

The famous Umai of Sarawak

Udang Goreng Nestum. My favorite!

Oyster Omelet. First time tengok and makan dish nie. Jakun jap ^_^

The same day during the night, we went to Top Spot for seafood dinner. Top spot is the hottest food court in Kuching for seafood. Seafood in Kuching is very much cheaper compare to KL. Kpd sesape yg akan berkunjung ke Kuching, Top Spot is a MUST VISIT! Especially if you love seafood. Pelbagai seafood boleh dirasa di Top Spot. Antaranya Umai, Udang goreng nestum (my favorite ^_^), oyster omelet, dan byk lagi. Memang puas dan berbaloi makan seafood di Top Spot.

2 October 2016: Kuching Main Bazaar, China Town, Sarawak Water Front, Ice Cream Gula Apong

I love this graffiti a lot!

Chinese History Museum. Comel nyer museum nie. Color pink lagi tu ^_^

Shopping at China Town

Sarawak Waterfront

During our second day in Kuching, we went to Kuching Main Bazaar, China Town and Sarawak Waterfront for shopping, window shopping, and snapping pictures. We shop for Sarawak traditional handicraft, souvenirs, and some batiks. At Kuching Main Bazaar and China Town, you can shop for affordable crafts and souvenirs to bring home for yourself and love ones.

Ice cream gula apong. A MUST TASTE!

In the afternoon, we went for ICE CREAM GULA APONG. Ice cream gula apong is Kuching very own desert. It is a highly MUST TASTE if you visit Kuching. Ice cream nie x ada jual kat semenanjung tau. Ice cream gula apong has a very unique taste. It is not so sweet but refreshing.

After ice cream gula apong, we went back for dinner at the hotel and call the day off. Esok tu kami akan kejar flight ke Mulu for another Borneo adventure. So kenalah packing baggage and tido awal. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 October 2016: KCH >>Mulu Airport

Mee Kolok

Erm, x banyak sgt yg saya nak ceritakan on our last day in Kuching. Kiteorg x buat apa sgt pun. Cuma during breakfast tu saya dptlah merasa mee kolok (one of Sarawak's traditional dish).


PS: This isn't my first time in Kuching. Saya dah pernah ke Kuching masa usia 12 tahun. But a lot have change and that was a long time ago................

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  1. Kuching mempunyai banyak tempat yang menarik dan juga makanan yang sedap. Oyster omelette mesti cuba sebab oysternya dihantar dengan lori frozen terus dari laut. I miss Kuching and harap-harap saya dapat melancong ke Kuching lagi.


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