My Borneo Vacation: Mulu (Part 2)


PS: It's "good afternoon in Iban" Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the part 2 of My Borneo Vacation episode (episode nie ada 3 part tau)................

Where shall i start? Ok, here it is..............

3 October 2016 : KCH>> Mulu Airport >> Marriot Mulu Resort & Spa

Berselfie depan Mas Wing (tu plane yg kami naik)

To reach Mulu we took Mas Wing flight from Kuching International Airport to Mulu Airport. The flight took us 45 minutes. This is my first time flying by Mas Wing. Mas Wing is a transit fight for those who travel in Sarawak and Sabah only. The flight was nice and quite cozy. I enjoyed it ^_^ The service was also good. Credits to the steward and stewardess. During the flight we can see and enjoy beautiful down under view of mountains and rain forest. Mulu is situated in the rain forest. Mulu is a place for nature adventure. Bukan tempat utk shopping or glamour2 ya. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First time sampai Mulu. Jakun jap ^_^

Wrist band/ticket to Mulu National Park

At Mulu, we stayed at Marriot Mulu Resort & Spa. During our first day there, we didn't do anything much. We had lunch and discuss with out tour guide what to do and what to see at Mulu National Park the next day.

4 October 2016: Canopy Walk >> Deer & Lang Cave

Canopy Walk

We begin our Mulu adventure on our second day. We took the Canopy Walk as the kick start of our adventure. Canopy Walk nie sama jer macam titian bergantung di Taman Negara. Titian nyer bergantung pokok ke pokok. This Canopy Walk is also known as the Mulu Skywalk. It is a the longest tree base canopy walk (480 meters long and 20 meters above the forest floor). Pada awalnya saya merasa amat nervous like "Omg! Can i make it? Gayat x aku?". Huhuhu!!!!!!!!!!!! Tapi bila dah relish it............zaaaaaaassssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X puas! Rasa nak jer buat satu round lagi. Memang nyaman gilak! The air, the wind, the forest tree is so breath taking. During our walk, we also spotted some unusual and unique insects that we've never seen before. Thanx to our Canopy Walk tour guide, Mr Undi for the adventure. It was awesome and one of my favorite for our Mulu adventure.

The entrance to Deer cave

Jellyfish formation. Very beautiful!

After lunch, we followed Mr Apai (our tour guide) to Deer & Lang Cave. It took us almost 2 hours to reach Deer & Lang Cave. Deer Cave is really beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jadi jakun jap gua (maklumlah jarang dpt beraktiviti ginie). Inside there is a formation of jelly fish. In the cave also we got to see bats and burung layang2. Burung layang2 sgt comel. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Macam profile Abraham Lincoln jek :P

Us inside Lang Cave

Lang Cave pun apa kurang nyer. Menarik and cantik gak. Nature lah katakan. Nature is always beautiful. Ada satu batu besar dlm Lang Cave tu kalo tengok betul nampak macam profile President Abraham Lincoln (16th President of US). Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Hebat!

Bats coming out for hunting at night

Just before maghrib, we got to experience 'Bats Exodus'. We got to see bats flying out of Deer Cave. Pada masa tu lah saya dpt tahu macam mana kelawar terbang. Memang menarik and ada style. After that, we went back to our resort. Letih tapi seronok ^_^

5 October 2016 : Boat Ride >> Penan Village >> Cave Of The Wind >> Clear Water Cave

Boat ride to Penan Village, Cave of The Wind and Clear Water Cave

On our third day, Mr Apai took us on a boat ride to Penan Village, Cave of The Wind, and Clear Water Cave. The boat ride was very enjoyable and breath taking. Abeoji enjoyed it a lot! 

Shop for Penan souvenirs at Penan Village

Our first stop was the Penan Village. At Penan Village we got to shop for Penan's handicraft and souvenirs. Penan people are famous for the beads craft.

Formation nie macam tangan orang ^_^

After visiting Penan village, we went to Cave of The Wind. Cave of The Wind is also one of the most beautiful cave in Mulu. The cave  is very windy and breath taking. 

200 steps to Clear Water Cave. Fighting!

Sungai dlm gua. Inside Clear Water Cave

Later, we went to Clear Water Cave. To me Clear Water Cave is my favorite among the four caves i've visited. The cave is very nyaman! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish i can stay in there longer. The cave have subterranean river in it. Sebab tu la nyaman. Ada air yg mengalir. After touring the cave, we went for picnic outside the cave entrance. 

After picnic, we went back to Marriot for rest and packing. Esok harinya kami akan ke Kota Kinabalu, Sabah pula.

6 October 2016: Mulu International Airport >> Kota Kinabalu International Airport

On the 6 of October 2016 was our last day at Mulu. X dek apa sgt yg kami sempat lakukan. Saya dan Abeoji ke gym, Eomoni pula manjakan diri ke spa. Jam 3 ptg, kami berangkat ke KK. However, our Mulu adventure was awesome. Credits to Eomoni for planning this trip. Insya'Allah sekiranya ada rezeki saya akan kembali ke Mulu bersama rakan-rakan pula. Maddie dah excited dah nie. Insya'Allah babe, ada rezeki kita ke Mulu. Aamiin.

Ok'lah, i'm gonna do my Asar prayer now. So part 3 of My Borneo Adventure episode akan bersambung Insya'Allah minggu hadapan (kalo ada waktu utk tulis la). So stay tune for my adventure in KK lak ya. Take care.


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