Love Don't Cost A Thing

Oggy and Olivia

Last weekend, I was chillin and watching Oggy And The Cockroaches episode where Oggy have to find a part time job job to earn some cash so that he can buy Olivia (his gf) cans of caviar. I'm sure you guys know that caviar is kinda pricy. In the end of the episode, Oggy manage to buy Oliva cans of caviar with all the money that he earn from his hard work. But unfortunately, Oggy and Olivia both did not like the taste of the caviar. They end up enjoying sardines better. Well, sardines is much cheaper that caviar ofcuz. And sardines actually taste much better then caviar too. Hehehe!

So in the end, the moral of the story is love don't cost a thing! Nak bercinta x semesti nyer kena spend bebyk bagai. X semesti nyer apa yg mewah itu menjanjikan bahagia. Macam Oggy and Olivia la. Akhirnya ikan sardine lagi mengenyangkan dpd caviar. 

So message to all the guys, nak bercinta, ngorat, carik awek, x perlu lah brake the bank ya. X semua awek materialistic. Especially not me and my girls (Cewah! Promosi ker nie?). In my opinion, bagi chocolate, bunga, belikan handbag mahal, or any other luxury ataupun belanja makan kat tempat mewah ini hanyalah perencah rasa dlm percintaan. Yg penting seorg lelaki kenalah rajin menunjukkan kasih sayang kat wanita spt rajin bertanya khabar, ambil berat, mendampingi selalu. This what we call love and this what most women want from a guy. Yes! Pls!

When a women says she loves a man, it's the guy that she wants. Not his money or anything luxury. She just wants him. And want to spend her eternity with him. 


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