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FM Media Kit

Fadima Mooneira Positive Vibe 1 - Be Thankful

Salam malam Ahad all, kejap jer esok dah Monday :P

Ok, since i'm a fan of positive vibes, i recently created my first positive vibe ever. My first positive vibe is base of Beauty and Snow White fairy tale.

Here it is..................

Voilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Itu dia. Tell me what you think about it ^_^

Ok'lah, that's all. Selamat kembali bertugas. Happy Monday ^_^

#FadimaMooneira #PositiveVibes #Beauty #SnowWhite #BeThankful #BePositive 


  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This can be a famous positive vibe one day. Insha-Allah you will be an online beauty icon dear.

  2. Insya'Allah. Aamiin 😊 tqvm for your support dear 😘


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