Me A Lipstick Junkie

Anyeong Hasehyo ^_^,

believe it or not the picture above shows all the lipstick that i'm currently using. Yep, i'm a lipstick junkie. That is one of the word to describe moir. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I'm not really a make up junkie person. I don't really wear make up that much when i go to work, dinner, parties, travel, or even hanging out with my friends ( i only use BB cream, concealer, brow pencil & browcara, and lipstick). But i really love lipsticks a lot. To me lipstick is a tool to make my appearance complete. Bak kata 'penyeri penampilan'.  Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to match my lipstick shades with my outfits. If i'm wearing a dark color outfit (Black, dark blue, dark purple, maroon) i will always choose dark tone lipstick like dark red, maroon, purple, or even mulberry. If i'm wearing bright color outfit, i will choose bright tone lipstick such as shocking pink, fuchsia, orange, or even cili red. And if i'm wearing a light color outfit, i will choose light tone lipstick such as nude, light pink, peach, or coral. Yep, that is my style. Every fashionista have their own style right. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now let me share with you my review on my top 5 favorite lipstick brand.................


This Laneige two tone lip bar is really AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has two colors in one stick. It makes your lips shine brightly and sexily like a pearl.  The texture of this lipstick is very smooth and and moisture too. It is also easy to manage. Suitable for busy ladies like me (always in a rush but still wanna look pretty ^_^).  I only started using this lipstick last year after watching Song Hye Kyo tutorial it via drama Descendants Of The Sun. Now i have this lipstick in three colors - Burgundy Love, Daring Darling, and Juicy Pop

My Rating: 10/10 (Just awesome! Just love it!)
My Color Pic: Daring Darling (Love this sexy sunny color a lot. It's the one Song Hye Kyo wearing in the picture above)

Ps: Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar has launch new color collection endorse by Lee Sung Kyung (Weightlifting Fairy). All the colors are beautiful. Rambang mata i! I'm planning to grab 2/3 colors ^_^


Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint is one of the best lip stick or lip cream i've tried last year. It is smooth, creamy, lightweight, non-drying, and very moisture. I really love the smooth texture of this lippy. Most important this Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint is an all organic product and vegan friendly (that is the most important thing for me when choosing cosmetics - organic products!). This lip paint also comes in daring cheerful range of colors - bright pink, red, nude, purple, and maroon.

My Ratings:  9.5/10
My Color Pick: Yaasssss (Lavender) - It's the one i'm wearing in the picture above and it's different from what i have.


I LOVE THIS LIQUID LIPSTICK A LOT! What i love most about this lipstick it is because it has berry ingredients in it. I can feel the berry taste every time i put on this lipstick. It is BERRY DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Ratings: 9.5/10
My Color Pick: #35 RD 306 (Dark Red - very sophisticated and sexy color. A lot of my friends already compliment me when i'm wearing it).


Face Shop Real Gloss Vivid Vibrant helps you enhance your daily appearance. This gloss came in vibrant colors. The texture of this lip gloss is also very smooth, moisture, and glossy but not sticky. This lip gloss is long lasting. Kekdng x payah top up. Satu hari warna dia kekal.

My Ratings: 8.5/10
My Color Pick:  Red Hommage (true red color. If you are a red color person, this lip gloss is a must have in your make up pouch)


I first started using Innisfree Lip Lacquer in 2012. I really love the smooth, delicate, light, and velvety texture of this lip gloss. 

My Ratings: 8/10
My Color Pick: Rose Pink and Violet

Ok, that's all. Penampilan sehari x pernah lengkap tanpa lipstick. Hehehe! ^_^

Khungang Haseyo 


  1. I also love the Laneige Two Tone. Dulu i pun suka daring darling juga. But now i lagi suka warna juicy pop. Nampak lagi natural.

  2. Yea...... Juicy Pop that is one of my favourite too. Excited nak try the new collection. Tint mint and cotton candy 💄💋

  3. I love Tarte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But my favorite lip paint color is nude. Yang purple tu i tak pernah try lagi.

  4. This is the review that I have been looking for. Juicy pop is my favourite. Other than lipstick, I am looking for fence painting services that are available in KL. Do share with us if you have any recommendations!

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