Girls Don't Need To Walk In High Heels Anymore!

"Good Shoes Take You To Good Places"

This is one of the most famous quote for all shoe lovers. But what is a good shoe? Is in a comfortable one that can make you walk with confidence and move easily? Or is it a beautiful one that looks vogue, sophisticated, and elegant on your feet? Plus there are different types of shoes. There are high heels, stiletto, wedges, platforms, ballerina flats, boots, sneakers, sandals, and even flip flops. But which one is the best?

In this new post, i'm gonna share with you on how lifestyle have change market and fashion trends. 

I remember when i was a teenager people always told me, "As a young lady, you must start to learn how to carry yourself in high heels". They also told me high heels are important for a girl. It's a girl's best friend and high heels make a girl look beautiful and sophisticated.

But yesterday, i just read an article on saying that "Girls nowadays are doning sneakers and most high heel brands and retailers are going bankrupt because of it". Wow!!!!!!!!!! Interesting. It shows that lifestyle and women's taste has change. They are no longer into high heels. High heels are no longer a must for a girl. The article also says that girls nowadays prefer to choose fashion trends that are comfortable for them. It makes them more confidence with themselves. Besides sneakers, girls rather choose ballerina flats, sandal flats, or even flip flops to make them look girlie instead of high heals.

Work place environment is factor why girls prefer not to wear high heels. Our work these days doesn't require us to just sit in front of the desk top 9-to-5. We walk, move around more. So that's why we need comfortable shoes to carry us well and not hurting us.

Besides work place, health is also another factor why girls prefer not to wear heels. Doctors already stated "wearing a lot of heels might give you paint for the long term". High heels and stiletto are very unhealthy. 

The road and street we walk nowadays aren't also in a good shape. Jalan byk x smooth. It is kinda uncomfortable and quite dangerous to walk in heels on this kinda streets.

Plus ladies nowadays prefer to be energetic and love to move fast. That's why we prefer flats more then heels. Flat shoes helps us move faster and make us look more confidence to carry ourself. 

As a women, i also agree that it is important to choose fashion (including shoes) that are comfortable for us because comfort leads to confidence, confidence leads to good looks. I do believe that a women should not depends on clothes, accessories, shoes, and make up to look beautiful. I believe the beauty of a women reflects in her confidence, charisma, and ofcuz ............. good heart. These are the 3 keys for a women to be known as BEAUTIFUL! 

Btw, what is the point you wear high heels but you don't know how to walk in it. You always fall down in heels. It doesn't make you look good. It only make you look like an idiot. So that's why it is important to choose a shoe that is comfortable for you to move.

And as for me, i'am also NOT A and NEVER was a fan of high heels. Yep, i prefer flat shoes -sneakers (most favorite), ballerina flats, sandals. I also do wear wedges. Tapi tu pun i pilih x lebih pada 2 inch tinggi nyer. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok'lah, that's all. I hope x dek high heel lovers offended after bace post ini. Ini hanya sekadar opinion saya jer. Anda x perlu agree kalo x stuju :P


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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