Plushies Are Girl's Best Friend

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Today i wanna share another of my opinion on lifestyle and market trends. To all those who follow perkembangan lifestyle and market trends, I'm sure you all know that plush toys/teddy bears are one of the in thing right now. Yup, these cuties are really oozing the market. People are really buying them. Some people bought plushies for themselves, and some bought as a gift to their friends, family members, and even love ones.

Well, plushies are cute, adorable, colorful, and joyful. I'am always a big fan of plushies and teddy bears. I have a collection of them. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember the famous quote saying that "Diamonds are girl's best friend". But now the quote has change to "Plushies are girl's best friend". And here are some reasons why plushies has overtake diamonds.............


The illustration by Clifford Berryman in Washington Post

I remember when I visited Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island, South Korea, I read the history of teddy bears. It says that teddy bears were created by Morris Michtom (a candy shop owner in New York) in early 1900's. Michtom was inspired by the illustration drawn by Clifford Berryman in Washington Times. Berryman's illustration was about US President Theodore Roosevelt who refuse to shoot a black old bear during a hunting trip in Mississippi. Michtom name his stuff-bear creation as "teddy bears". Teddy was President Roosevelt's nickname. Michtom creation soon become a hit and lead him to a toy business success

During the same time in Germany, a women name Margaret Steiff earned her living by selling stuff animals that she sewed. A American tourist saw the teddy bears that she made, and fell in love with them, and order many teddies that Steiff sewed. Teddy bears and plush toys soon become a big hit all around the world.


According to history, teddy bears and plush toys were created as the sign of no loneliness. Yup, owning a teddy bear or a plush toy is a sign that you are not a lonely person, you have love and care. In fact, most toy marketers are using "No loneliness" as a tag line or marketing tool to sell teddy bears and plushies.

Plus, the lifestyle trend has change now. People (especially women) know how to rock their single life. They no longer see being single as lonely. This is called the "single market trend" (market for single people). Teddy bears and plush toys contribute a lot to the single market. Single women make plushies as their company and entertainment to their single life.

Stylish teddies at Siam Paragon toy section, Bangkok, Thailand

According to market trend research that was recently conducted by China Daily, most plush toy buyers are single female. According to most respondents, owning a plush toy keeps them company. Most ladies also said that plush toys are very heeling when you aren't feeling well and feeling down. Hugging and snuggling up with a plush toy makes you happy and feel warm when you are having a bad day.

Me with Cony at LINE Cafe, Iteawon, Seoul, South Korea

Nowadays, there are also a lot of cafes provide service for single people. Those cafes used giant teddy bears and plush toys as probs. Customers can seat and eat with the plush toys next to them.


The big green owl in "The Heirs". I bought it during my second visit in Seoul

The South Korean popular culture also contributes a lot to plush toys market. K-dramas nowadays features a lot of plush toys. Sometimes those plush toys become a trend after the drama became popular. Those toys were sell at toy shops in Seoul, Dongdaemun Market, street stalls at Insadong and Myeongdong, and even online. Example the big green owl in "The Heirs" (I got one ^_^), the pastry frog in "The Prime Minister & I", and the couple bunnies in "Suspicious Partner".

Twice's Nayeon with her Pokemon character plushie

K-Pop idols also promote plush toy culture to the world. Most idols (both girls and guys) love mentioning about their fuzzy friends to medias. Sometimes they even bring their fuzzy friends to fan meetings and autograph signing session. 

With my no.1 fuzzy best friend - Miss Abobo. She is always my company at home, in my bedroom, and also my travel companion. Mane2 I travel i sentiasa akan bawa Abobo in my suitcase. My traveling trip will be hambar without her.

Ok'lah, that all I wanna share with you. I'm also a plush toy lover and I have a collection of plushies. To me plushies aren't just cute. They give me love, comfort every time I hug them. And unlike most ladies, my plushies also keeps me happy and heel me when I'm feeling down. Btw, who need diamonds when you can have a fuzzy friend by your side. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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