BOOK REVIEW: Dhea Gadis Dreamer (A Novel by Liza Nur)


I just finished reading a chic lit novel "Dhea Gadis Dreamer" (DGD). Now i would like to share my review and opinion on the novel. 

Synopsis Dhea Gadis Dreamer

First of all, i would like to say congratulations to the author - Liza Nur on another job well done. Yo go girl! Liza Nur's novel are always fun to read. This chic lit novel is one of the best i've read. Jalan cerita nyer sweet and simple. It is also very brief and precise. Easy to understand and won't take time to finish. This is one of the important factor when deciding to buy and read a novel. I always choose something light and easy to finish. The style of writing is very trendy, chic, and witty. I love all the jokes in the novel. This novel is publish by Karangkraf.

DGD is a story of an ordinary girl name Dhea. Dhea loves daydreaming. Dhea is not the most popular girl in collage and she is also not from a rich aristocrat family. But she have vision and ambition. What i like about Dhea's character is that she knows what she wants and she stay focus with it. She didn't let anything or anyone rain on her parade. I am glad that Dhea choose her dreams to further study in Manchester instead of her love for Adli (the hero in the novel). It's not that to me Adli is a bad character. Adli is a good guy. Unlike Dhea, Adli also isn't the most popular guy in collage and he is also not from a rich aristocrat family. Adli nie jenis jejaka yg bersahaja. Not the prince charming like. I am also glad that Adli allow Dhea to further her dreams. Bak kata Adli nie bukan lelaki yg clingy and selfish. That is the type of guy most girls want and need. What i also like about Adli's character is that he is very sincere. Alhamdulillah 7 tahun 9 bulan berpisah akhirnya Dhea and Adli bertemu kembali. 

In the final chapter, Adli propose to Dhea. But Dhea said to Adli to give her time to think. Although Dhea didn't say "Yes" to Adli, she smile ^_^ in the final paragraph with a lot of meaning. It is a sign that she is happy with the proposal. So dpd senyuman Dhea tu kita tahukan apa jawapan Dhea kpd Adli. I really love the ending of DGD. It is very sweet and simple. Novel ini x ada langsung element jiwang and emotional. Everything is just sweet and simple.

The moral and message of the story is also good. If you have a dream go for it - don't give up or let something else block you from casing your dream. And a sincere heart is important in friendship and love.

Congrats! Another job well done Liza Nur ^_^ I'm giving this novel rating 10/10. Kepada kawan2 yg ulat buku and kaki novel, kalo korang belum baca lagi novel Dhea Gadis Dreamer, I recommend you to go to Karangkraf website and purchase it. Rugi tau kalo x bace novel nie. Harga dia RM17.00 only. Affordable jer. Hehehe ^_^

Ps: Sblum nie sumer novel review yg ditulis, saya sertakan actresses and actors that i imagine as the character in the novel. So now i would like to include some actor and actresses that i imagine as the characters in Dhea Gadis Dreamer..........................

Since Liza Nur describe Dhea is an ordinary girl yg bersahaja, i imagine The Goblin's heroin - Kim Go Eun as Dhea.

Since Adli is a nice, sincere and bersahaja kinda guy, i think Kang Ha Neul is suitable to be him

Liza Nur describe Hayden (the hottie in the DGD) looks alike Song Jung Ki (SJK). But i prefer not to imagine SJK as Hayden.  It becoz i already imagine SJK as the hero in Sayang Awak Mr Bear (a romance novel by Eliza Rose).  So i choose to imagine the hot smokin South Korean new hottie -Nam Joo Hyuk as Hayden. Sesuai juga kan?

I imagine Kim Ji Won as Dhea's pretty friend -Yaya. Wow! What a surprise to found out that Yaya admires Adli. I though she admires Hayden.

I imagine Kim So Eun as Fira - Adli's bitchy gf who is always jealous of Dhea. Kim So Eun can also be a bad girl.

Ok, good night and wassalam ^_^

Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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