HOTSPOT REVIEW: Beary Shiok At TeddyVille Museum Penang

Eiyo and bon weekend dearies ^_^

Wow! Time flies by so fast. It's been almost two weeks since i got back from My North Vacation. Hope you guys have read My Travel Diaries.

In this new post i wanna share a review on a hotspot i visited during my vacation in Penang. Yup, it is the TeddyVille Museum (TVM) Penang.

The TVM is similar to the Teddy Bear Museum i visited in Jeju. It is a place for teddy bear lovers and collectors like me ^_^ It is also the first teddy bear museum in Malaysia. TVM is located in the ground floor of the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang, at 56 Jalan Low Yat, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Penang (near the beach). The visiting hours for TVM is from 0900 hrs - 1800 hrs. Ticket price are around RM25.00 (for children below 12), RM29.00 ( for teenagers and students), and RM36.00 (for adults). Ticket can be purchase at TeddyVille Museum website

Besides a place for teddy lovers, TVM is also a place for edutainment and cultural experience. The museum has a sections. The first section will take you to experience the history of teddy bears. For teddy bear lovers, it is good for you to learn and get to know how teddy bears begin and created. The history of teddy bear is very classic. The second section will take you to experience the history and culture of Penang - where miniature bear and big size teddies dressed and places in a set that represent history, cultural, and attractions in Penang. This second section is a summary of sights and experiences you should not missed in Penang. During your visit in TVM, you will also meet teddy counterparts of the late Tan Sri P.Ramlee, Dato' Jimmy Choo, Dato' Lee Chong Wei, Dato' Nicole David, and etc.

Now let me share with you some pictures, experiences i had at each section of TVM.................

Part 1: The Entrance

The entrance of TVM is already an interesting place for you to snap shot pictures with some teddies including Mr Beary (he is the main teddy and mascot of TVM). To me the entrance is very interesting.

With Chocolate Chip Cookie Bear. This bear is situated at the entrance of DoubleTree Resort.

Taadaa!!!!!!!!!!!! The entrance of TeddyVille Museum

Inilah dia Mr Beary. Main teddy and mascot of TeddyVille Museum

Claw game! Interesting props for picca ^_^

This bear is mechanical and can move

Part 2: Teddy Bear History Section

The Teddy Bear History is the section where you can get some facts and learn about teddy bear history. It's paw-some! The teddy bear history is the first section of the museum. You can also catch some classic bears display.

The history wheel of teddy bear. Here it all started

A classic teddy design after Theodore Roosevelt - the former president of USA. The invention of teddy bears by Morris Micthom was inspired the former USA president. "Teddy" was actually President Roosevelt nickname.

#FlatEmilaProject with the smallest teddy bears in the world

Me with Elvis Bear

Teddy Ruxpin - one of teddy bears icon in USA

Part 3: The History, Culture, and Hotspot of Penang

This is the section where you can learn about the history and culture of Penang. In this section you can also check out which hotspot you should visit in Penang. This section is like a miniature of Penang.

Eomoni and me with Francis Light teddy. Yep, this is where the history of Penang begins - Prince of Wales Island.

This is where the history begins - when the English first came to Pulau Pinang

With the Peranakan Bear Family

With Mamak Bear at Restoran Nasi Kandar. This is one of the famous restaurant to dine at in Penang and nasi kandar is a MUST eat if visit this amazing island.

Amaze me that this famous graffiti at Lebuh Armenian also has a cute and cuddly version at TVM

Bukit Bendera - the Penang version of Namsan

Balik Pulau

CNY Festival in Penang

Lepak with the teddies at Toh Soon Cafe in TVM

Participating the Penang bridge Marathon

Eomoni and me with Dato' Lee Choong Wei and Dato' Nicole David teddy

With Tan Sri P.Ramlee teddy

Part 4: Picture Perfect

The picture perfect is the final section before you exit TVM for the souvenir shop. It is a section where you can snap shot piccas with some teddies, selfies, and do some camera trick. It's Beary Shiok and paw-some-fun ^_^

This camera trick is awesome. As if i'm a doll in a box

Nak berselfie dgn Mr Bear pun boley

Me with my new bf - Beary Shiok Bear. Kalah sumer jejake2 hot. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 5: The Souvenir Shop

The souvenir shop is the last part of the TeddyVille Museum. At the souvenir shop, you can shop for TVM souvenirs (T-Shirts, towels, Key-chain, fridge magnets, postcards, etc), different kinds of teddy bears (there are also Steiff Bears on the shelf. But they are all pricey. Insya'Allah kalo gie German leh carik. Hehehe ^_^), and most important - you can get Mr Beary (he is a must buy if you visit TVM). The souvenir shop is also a good spot to snap piccas.

There are a lot of cute adorable teddies in TVM Souvenir Shop. Rambang mata i.

Loads of Love from Mr Beary

Taadaa!!!!!!!!!!!! I got i own Mr Beary. This is a MUST buy souvenir from TVM. It is handmade.

Ok'lah, that is all i wanna share in my review on TeddyVilleMuseum Penang. My overall rating for TVM is 10/10. I think TVM is much cutter and better from the Teddy Bear Museum i visited in Jeju, South Korea. Besides the exhibition, the customer service at TVM is also paw-some! 10/10 for the customer service. Insya'Allah kalo saya kesempatan ke Penang lagi, i would like to visit TVM again with my galpals - Reiko, Maddie, Azie, Fadet, Raden, and Iza. Insya'Allah.

To anyone who is planning for a vacation in Penang - don't forget to visit TVM ya. Kalo x memang rugilah. I would also like to recommend TVM to teddy bear lovers like me and family with small childrens. Last but not least - TEEDYVILLE MUSEUM PENANG MEMANG BEARY SHIOK!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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