D' Devil Wears Fashion

Salam dearies,

Before i start this post, let's pray that there will be no fashion designers or any big names in fashion industry get offended.

The reason i'm writing this post is not to membawang, but i just wanna critique and give my opinion on some fashion designers and big names in the industry nyer attitude. Sorry eh, kalo comment2 saya sound sedikit pedas. Huhuhu..............

When i was on vacation in Alor Setar, Kedah last two weeks, i was given the chance to watched and experienced Kedah Fashion Week 2018 live at Aman Central Mall, Alor Setar. During the fashion week, i met some local fashion designers and those in the industry. Plus, i also got to see some of our local designers creative creations. Most of their designs are good and have their own trademark. Congrats. However, i am not happy with their attitude. Most of them are so sombong, stuck up, arrogant, and muka ketat. They don't smile at people at all. Geez! Besides muka sombong, they also talk arrogant with those who aren't so fashion (orang x ada ciri2 supermodel/Miss Universe, or x dek ciri2 leh jadik customer depa, or x dek kepentingan to them - someone like moir la. Hmm!). Ahah!

Besides the fashion show, I also visited the exhibition corner to check out some of our designers collections displayed there. That is where i met all the "so-call-glamourous" designers and wannabes in the industry. I was checking out on a brand that i haven't heard the name before (i'm not gonna mention you the brand's name. Just gonna called it "The Brand").  As an independent blogger who likes to write about fashion, i research a lot and always make myself up-to-date in fashion especially on fashion trends, industry, business, and brands (designers, high ends, and fast fashion). But i haven't heard of "the brand" before. So i was quite curious of "the brand". While i was checking on "the brand", i met this guy.............umm, i'm not sure if he is the designer, assistant designer, brand manager, or just another retail associate for "the brand". I remember he was wearing a navy blue color blazer with stripe patterns, a matching pants, and a light color shirt. He was also quite petite, not so tan and not so fair. The guy in the blazer said to me " Baju2 nie kami x jual sebarangan yer. Kalo nak beli kenalah tunjuk credit card dulu". Geez what an arrogant statement. I just smile at him and said "Well i am an independent lifestyle blogger who likes to write about fashion". He smile and said "Ok nice to meet you" in not so friendly way. I just left the exhibition conner with rasa menyampah. Balik hotel, saya terus conduct research and google "the brand". Found out that "the brand" is just a fashion brand jenama jati Kedah. X famous pun lagi seluruh Malaysia. Patutlah x pernah dengar. Hahaha! So it is not worth it to swipe my credit card on "the brand".  Puff!

Ok, so itu pengalaman saya dgn "the brand".  Now nak bercerita tang pengalaman saya dgn one of Malaysia's top muslimah fashion line founder and designer (yg nie pun saya x mo mention name designer tu. Just gonna address her as "Madame Designer").  During the Kedah Fashion Week 2018, "Madame Designer" also stayed at the same hotel as us, Royal Signature Hotel. I met her at the hotel restaurant during breakfast time on the 8 of July 2018. She was sipping her soup. A lot of the hotel guests (including me) smile at her, but she didn't smile back. Geez muka ketat sungguh. "Madame Designer," we understand you are having your breakfast. Tapi x kan la payah kot nak balas senyuman. You are public figure and most people know/recognize you. So you need to show some appreciation la. C'mon Madame!

Before i had my MBA, i used to be in fashion industry. I have a BSC Hons in International Fashion Marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, and Diploma in Fashion Retail Design from Lim Kok Wing, Cyberjaya. I had experience working as a assistant designer trainee at a famous local designer fashion house. I also used to be a retail associate at a Malaysian international designer fashion house, and Japanese top fast fashion brand. I also know some designers and people in the fashion industry. Some of them were my classmate during my collage years, and colleagues when i was working in the industry. And i am very sorry to say that most of them doesn't have a good personality.

Sorry yer, bukan saya nak kutuk everyone in the glamourous industry. I just don't agree that glamourous have to arrogant. I also disagree that fashion is only for beautiful, rich, and glamourous people. I studied fashion, and i do believe that fashion is subjective. There is no wright or wrong in fashion, and fashion is for everybody.

To those in fashion industry x kira you are a designer, assistant, journalist, stylist, retailer, socialite, or even a fashion model pls make change in fashion. Fashion is not just glamour. Fashion is art and it involves a lot of intelligence and critical thinking.

Ok'lah x mo comment panjang lagi. That's all for now. Hope there will be no fashion designers or anyone in fashion industry get offended with my post.


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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