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rasanya dah lame x share post kat blog nie kan. My last post was one month ago. Huhuhu............. Kurang ilham baru2 nie :P Nie dah ada ilham nie kita share la sikit. Hehehe................

In this new post i would like to share with you guys about what we, girls do to have fun together. Yep, it's a topic about girls day out (GDO) and what we usually do on our GDO ^_^ Hope this topic will be fun for girls. When girls get together, we grove together like crazy as if the world belongs to us. Yeah, that's how i feel every time i'm having a girls day out with my girls. Every moments with my girls are priceless.That's why GDO is a MUST activity for me and girls. Every GDO is like a special event for us although sometimes kitaorg hanya dpt jumpa kejap2 jer. Well,..............everyone have their own commitment dah dewasa nie. Bila kiteorg dpt jumpa, we really have fun to the max! And here is what we do on our GDO................


Choosing the best outfit and make up to wear before girls day out is a MUST! Every girls wanna look their best when hanging out with friends. Plus all girls like to dress up/melaram kan? Btw, ada ker perempuan yg x suka dress up/melaram? For me, time bersama galpals nie la is the best time for me to dress up/melaram to the max. Sebab my angels (nickname for me and my galpals) x judge me on my fashion. They are understanding and accept me for who i am. That's why i love them ^_^


Taking selfies or wefies is a MUST on girls day out. It's a record of our memorable moments together especially kalo GDO tu all your galpals ada. Bukan senang tau nak dpt hang out dgn sumer galpals on one GDO event. Kekdng dah plan to have GDO reramai, tetapi on the day only 2/3 people yg dpt hadirkan diri. That's why it is important for a girl to dress up pretty every time ada GDO. All girls wanna look good in picture kan ^_^


Yam cha means eat/dine together. Every GDO won't be complete without a yam cha activity. Usually bila time yam cha bersama nie la kami girls will discuss about life, work, friendship, love life, and also membawang. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We girls will always choose a restaurant/cafe with lovely ambiance and delicious meals. A place where we can enjoy our food, talk and laugh out loud, and take pictures. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: I still keep my wish to dine at Majestic Hotel Orchid Room with my girls - Maddie, Reiko, Fadet, Azie, Raden, and Iza. Bila nie angels? Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


With my partner in crime Reiko Diana. She is one of my coolest and adventurous angel. She is a good partner for shopping/window shopping, travel, and she have good fashion sense. I always seek fashion advice from her. She is a subject matter expert in designer stuffs especially handbags.

Girls kalo dah kuar bersama tu x sah la kalo x shopping and splurge money kan. Kalo x pun window shopping jer. To me shopping with galpals is a fun activity. Besides splurging money, we girls can exchange opinion on style and fashion. That is what i call sharing knowledge together. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!


With my rockstar angel -Azie. She is my partner in crime when it comes to karaoke. She is an awesome singer. We groove a lot together.

Karaoke is another activity we girls enjoy on our GDO. This is the moment we all get groove together. Yeah............the world is ours baybeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Selalunya time karaoke nie lah we sang, dance, laugh, and scream together. However, activity karaoke nie x selalu la kiteorg buat. It depends on time and situation too.


Watching movies is another fun activity we did during GDO. But not all of our GDO we include movie moment. It depends on what movie is available at cinema liaw.


Besides hanging out at malls, hotspots, restaurants, or cafes, we also do recreational activity together such as brisk walking, jogging, picnic, wall climbing, and even ice skating. Recreational or outdoor activity is also fun to do together.

Ps: Angels, kalo ada rezeki jom gie hiking at Mulu, Sarawak nak? ^_^

To me, Girls Day Out is a valuable event and every moments with my angels are valuable and priceless. Sebab bukan senang nak dpt time to meet up together. Everyone have their own commitment. Plus two of my angels are married and have family of their own, and one also stay in JB. Besides GDO, we also love traveling together. All girls trip is also a MUST in a lifetime. 

Ok'lah, that's all for now. May my friendship with my angels last forever. My lovely angels - Maddie, Reiko, Fadet, Azie, Raden, Iza, Heather thank you for being my BFF, terima diri saya yg seadanya, and understand me well. I am grateful to have you girls as my BFF. 


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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