My Travel Diaries: Leisure Vacation -Kuantan

Salam dearies,

i just came back from Kuantan last Friday and here is my travel diaries................

09.10.2018 : Vistana Hotel/Kuantan City Mall

Having dinner at Myeongdong Toppoki, Kuatan City Mall

On the 9 of October 2018, we took a road trip to Kuantan, Pahang. We leaved our home around 1200 hrs and reached Kuantan around 1630 hrs. At Kuantan we stayed at Vistana Hotel. Vistana Hotel is situated at Kuantan city center. After maghrib, we went to Kuantan City Mall and had dinner at Myeongdong Toppoki.

10.10.2018 : The Beach/Serambi Teruntum/Auntie Kif's House/SABS/ Satay Zul

Selfie at the beach ^_^

At Serambi Teruntum

At Abeoji alam mater -Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abu Bakar (SABS). Visiting Abeoji's alma mater makes me terkenang juga zaman2 remaja/sekolah. 

Lagu Sekolah SABS ^_^ Abeoji always sing me this song. It was my baby time lullaby. Even now i pun tahu nyanyi lagu sekolah SABS. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinner time at Satay Zul

On our second day in Kuantan, we had breakfast in our hotel room. After breakfast, we visited the beach for sigh seeing and pictures. Then we continued our journey, shopping at Serambi Teruntum bazaar. During lunch time, we visited our family Auntie Kif's. We also had lunch at her house. Tqvm for the hospitality Auntie Kif. It was awesome. After Asar, eomoni decided to rest at our hotel, while Abeoji took me to visited his alma mater - Sekolah Menengah Sultan Abu Bakar (SABS). SABS is very nostalgic to Abeoji. SABS is where Abeoji menuntut ilmu masa dia form 4 till from 6. It was fun visiting Abeoji's alma mater. For dinner, we went to Satay Zul.

11.10.2018 : Nasi Vanggey/Pekan (Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar, Istana Abu Bakar, Royal Pahang Polo Club)/Teluk Cempedak

Breakfast at Nasi Vanggey. Roti tisu dia memang sedap-licious :P

In front of Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar, Pekan, Pahang

Keris collections at Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar

In front of Istana Abu Bakar

In front of Royal Phang Polo Club

At Tasik Cempedak

On our third day in Kuantan, we begin our journey with having breakfast at Nasi Vanggey. Nasi Vanggey is a mamak restaurant that is actually very famous in Ipoh. Compare to other mamak restaurants, Nasi Vaggey is quite urban and serve variety of foods and beverages. After we had our breakfast, we continued our journey to Pekan, Pahang. At Pekan we visited Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar, Istana Abu Bakar, Royal Pahang Polo Club. During the afternoon, we visited Teluk Cempedak and had dinner at Nasi Vaggey again.

12.10.2018 : Bye-Bye Kuantan

Beautiful memories are for cherish ^_^

12.10.2018 was our last day in Kuantan. We check out from Vistana Hotel around 1130 hrs. We had breakfast in our hotel room and had lunch at Temerloh RnR. We reached home nearly 1600 hrs.

Ok'lah, that's all nak share. Sorry lah kalo travel diaries saya kali ini agak membosankan. Trip kami di Kuantan ini was more for leisure instead of adventure. So x byk la benda2 yg menarik sgt utk di share. Insya'Allah semoga next travel diaries will be more exciting.


Fadima Mooneira

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