MOVIE REVIEW: Paskal ( A MUST Watch Movie!)

Eiyo guys and gals,

weekend is approaching. Anyone plan for movies at the cinema with family, friends, or love ones? If yes, movie apa korang plan nak tengok?

I recently watched PASKAL at cinema with my Eomoni. Now I would like to share my review on the movie.

Paskal is a military intelligence movie and the movie is also base on a true story. It is about a young Lieutenant Commander name Arman Rahmat (Hairul Azreen). Arman is also a member of Paskal (Pasukan Khas Laut). In the beginning of the movie, Arman was having a hard time to decide if he should remain a Paskal or not. Arman actually love being a Paskal, but he's mother didn't really fancy him working in military/security. Working in security line (Military, Police, and Intelligence Officer/Spy) isn't easy as it seems. People who work in security have to make a lot of sacrifices - work comes first before family. That is Arman's dilemma. Arman is the only child/son of a single mother. He's father was also a soldier. Arman's father pass away during a military mission when he was young. Since Arman's mother lost her husband in the military service, she has fear of losing her son too. That's why Arman's mother didn't fancy him being a Paskal.

Overall, Paskal is an awesome movie! I rate Paskal 10/10. The story line, scrip, acting, stunt, moral of the story are good. Paskal is pack with intelligence, family, love, friendship, and integrity. I love the message of the movie. Ending of the movie, Arman and his fellow team mates receive award for their bravery and hard work during their last operations. The Admiral (Dato' Sri Eizlan Yusof) invite Arman for a talk. He told Arman that, being a Paskal is not easy and need a lot of sacrifices. Sometimes you have to leave your family and put your work and country first. But if you devote yourself for your country, you devote yourself for your family too because we are all Malaysians. That is a good message. It makes you feel grateful being a warrior and save a lot of life. 

If any of you haven't watch Paskal yet, I highly recommend you to watch this movie-especially those who are working in security line - I'm sure you'll this movie. It will make you understand, be grateful, love, and appreciate your job more. 

Ok'lah, that's all. Bonne weekend.


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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