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How are you guys doing? And to all my Muslim friends, how was your Eid Mubarak? I hope you guys had a good celebration family and loved ones. Syukur alhamdulillah, my Eid Mubarak is lively this year compared to the past 3 years. My family and I received a lot of open house invitations. And we also had a lot of guesses at our house. Woah!!!

In today's post, I would like to geek about a webtoon series I just finished binge-reading. Yep, this webtoon series is completed, guys. The webtoon is titled Another Love. I'm going to share the four things that I like about Another Love in this post with you guys. These four things are also the reasons why you guys must not miss the Another Love webtoon. Now let's begin this post with a summary of Another Love...

PS: If you guys want to know what webtoon is, please click this link >> FIVE ROMANTIC SOUTH KOREAN WEBTOONS I'M CURRENTLY BINGE-READING



CREATORS: I Soon Ki, Ddogak, Sparkler

GENRE: New Adult Romance, Josei & Melodrama

TOTAL EPISODES: 57 (Completed)

WHERE TO READ IT: Naver Webtoon

TRIGGER WARNINGS: This webtoon has adult dialogues, steamy romance, sexual abuse, and self-harm scenes that might be sensitive to some individuals. This webtoon is also not suitable for those who are below 18. 



A South Korean lady architect named Han Jae travels to Spain for a solo vacation. The vacation takes an interesting turn when Jae is mistakenly assigned to the same hotel room as Joffrey Hugh Johnson (Joff), a handsome and successful businessman intrigued by Jae’s kind and independent nature. 

To Jae, this vacation represents a new chapter as she learns to stand on her own again. Jae once had a terrible life. She was once abused by her ex-boyfriend. As romance starts to bloom between Jae and Joff, a sinister figure from Jae’s past begins to haunt her once again. Will Jae be able to achieve happiness and not let her past ruin her present & future?



Jae & Joff's first kissing scenes (Image:

The Another Love webtoon has a very intriguing plot and storyline. The epilogue, first & second episodes already put a lot of question marks in my head ~ Why is Jae so afraid to fall in love? What happened to Jae before the story began? Why is Jae's ex-boyfriend stalking her? Why is Jae's ex-boyfriend so obsessed with her? And how will the story evolve? All these questions made me subscribe to and follow this webtoon series. This webtoon is a page-turner indeed.

Besides the plot and storyline, I also like how this story evolves. I believe Another Love is a well-written webtoon. Even the characters are well-crafted. I'm glad that I binge-read it. The way the creators tell the story and the ending of this webtoon series satisfied me. Another Love is not just about romance. But it is also about life and justice.


The moment when Jae was sexually attacked by her evil ex-boyfriend, Lee Taehyeon. This scene is so sensitive (Image:

Besides the intriguing plot and storyline, this webtoon also has stunning illustrations. The stunning illustrations make Another Love more enjoyable to binge-read. Webtoon is not just about writing. It's also about telling stories with your drawings and pictures. The illustrations of Another Love make me able to feel the atmosphere of the story.


Jae the strong heroine (Image:

Han Jae is the female lead of Another Love. She is beautiful, elegant, smart, quick-witted, and enthusiastic. Jae is another female lead with a good character arc. To be honest, I did not like Jae's character when I first read Another Love. When I first read Another Love, I found Jae annoying for trying her best to hide her problems from Joff. I feel like she doesn't trust Joff. Duh! But after Joff proves his love and sincerity to Jae, she starts to open up and tells him everything that happened to her in the past. She even tells him her plans to avenge her grandparents' death and seek justice. Luckily, Joff understands Jae. He vows to protect her and helps her to achieve justice. Joff also helps Jae gain back her confidence.

After Jae tells Joff her problems, I can see her character starts to change~ from a damsel in distress to a girl fighter. Jae knows what she wants. And she knows her right. She's also good at fighting her own fight. She knows how to protect herself and even her loved ones. Yo, go, girl,! I believe Jae is another strong heroine to look up to as a role model. If Another Love becomes K-drama, I like to see Bae Suzy as Han Jae. I believe Suzy has the same vibes and beauty as Jae. So she will be perfect for the role.


The crush-worthy alpha male hero ~ Joffrey Hugh Johnson (Image:

Joffrey Hugh Johnson is the male lead of Another Love. He is also the CEO of his grandmother's company, JN Group. Joff is half Spanish and half Korean. He is good-looking, all masculine, elegant, suave, confident, charming, charismatic, intelligent, brave, and courageous. He has all the qualities of an alpha male hero. Well, Joff is a sexy AF alpha hero that melts female readers' hearts. 

Joff is also very romantic and loving. He loves Jae with all his heart. He vows to protect her right after he knows her problem. But besides keeping her safe, Joff also helps Jae to be brave. He helps her to avenge her grandparents' death and achieve justice. Auwww... he is such a sweetheart. If this webtoon is going to be a K-drama, I like to see Alex Landi and Joffrey. I believe Alex Landi is perfect for this role. He has the same charisma as this character. Plus, Alex Landi is Italian-American mixed with South Korean. So of course, he is perfect to play Joffrey Hugh Johson. Hehehe ^_^


One of Jae & Joff's romantic moments in the webtoon ^_^ (Image:

Besides the two main leads, I also like the way the creators portray Jae & Joff's relationship. I believe Jae and Joff have a healthy romantic relationship. And they also have an interesting relationship arc. At the beginning of the story, Jae tries to avoid Joff because of her past and problems. She doesn't want Joff to be involved in her case. It's all because she loves Joff dearly and doesn't want him to be in danger. But after Joff tells Jae that he will protect and help her with her plans, Jae sticks to Joff. They make a great team together. Their teamwork makes them achieve the justice they deserve. 

Jae and Joff are also honest with each other. They don't hide their problems from each other. And they also appreciate each other so dearly. Joff never misses telling Jae how much he loves her every day. And Jae does the same for Joff. Auwww... they are so sweet ^_^

Ok, so these are the four things that I like about Another Love. And I also add one extra point to this listicle. I highly recommend this webtoon to my friends who are into romance stories with alpha male heroes. Trust me, guys, you are going to enjoy Another Love.

Ok, this is all for now. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my thoughts on the Another Love webtoon. Thank you for spending your time with me. I'll see you guys again in my next post. Take care.


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  1. I just started getting into WebToons, and I've had a hard time finding what to read. There are so many options! Thanks for the rec -- I'll have to check it out!

    1. I see... It's not hard to find good ones. Just download some webtoon apps ofypur mobile and tablet. I recommended you to download Naver Webtoon or Tapas. They have awesome selections.

  2. I remember reading another post about WebToons and was curious to check them out. This particular one seems to be quite entertaining and a great story to get into and read. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I have never heard of Webtoons before - maybe I'm too much of a Netflix addict and need to diversify. The story sounds interesting and Jae has enough back story to hook the watcher in - sounds like a good watch! Sim x

    1. Another Love is a read. Not a watch. Hehehe ๐Ÿ˜‰ webtoons are digital/online comics.

  4. The illustrations for this Webtoon is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  5. This is interesting, it does look so amazing and would give it high rate out of 10 as well.

    1. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  6. I don’t think of heard of WebToons before but I like the sound of this one! This illustrations are all so beautiful!

    1. So true!!!!!!! The illustrations are stunning ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  7. Very Interesting, I dont believe that I have ever read any webtoon, Might be worth a look. It has some great illustrations.

    1. You download Naver Webtoon or Tapas. They offer good series.

  8. Such a romantic and interesting story, awesoem images..

  9. Although I don't consume Webtoons this does sound like a good storyline!

  10. I like the illustrations. I maybe need to try a webtoon.

  11. I like intriguing storyline too coz that will keep me want to discover and complete the book

  12. I haven't heard about Another Love, but I should defintiely check it out because I love the art style of the illustrations, and the plot seems interesting. Also, that's great Jae and Joff have a healthy relationship.

    1. Yep, I like reading stories about couples with healthy relationship.

  13. the illustrations look beautiful. thanks for sharing.

    B | Mind beauty Simplicity

  14. Thanks for sharing more about webtoon here. After reading this story of yours, I'm gonna check out this webtoon personally. Cheers SiennyLovesDrawing

  15. This webtoon sounds really interesting, I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing!


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