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Syukur alhamdulillah. I'm back from Phuket. Whew... it's good to be back in business. I have so many things to catch up on since we only have three and a half months until 2024. 

Today, I will share my review of Bukan Dark Metalik (BDM) with you guys. BDM is a new adult romantic comedy novel written by Pynat Mouri. Now let's check out Pynat Mouri's bio...


Pynat Mouri is a Malaysian novelist. Besides Bukan Dark Metalik, some of her novels are Single Terlalu Lama, Langit Masih Ihklas, Bittersweet Mr. Batrachus, and Merinduimu Bukan Sederhana. Most of Pynat Mouri's novels are listed as bestsellers.

This author has also won Anugerah Telenovela in 2019. Pynat Mouri was born in Kedah on the 20th of March 1979. Besides being a novelist, Pynat Mouri is also a history teacher. Pynat Mouri now resides at Sungai Petani, Kedah with her family.

PS: I can't find Pynat Mouri's picture on the net. But if you're interested in Pynat Mouri's work, please visit the author's Instagram @pynatmouri


This hilarious romantic comedy followed a notorious drama queen named Farah Hilani and a stoic-tall-dark-and-handsome hunk named Erhan Zikri. The story began when Hilani and Erhan were back in high school...

On one unlucky day, Hilani almost got caught for skipping a class. To save herself, Hilani hid in the school's sick room. Hilani thought that she was alone in the sick room. But unfortunately, she was wrong. Erhan, the school's athlete was also in the room. Erhan was not feeling well. He was resting in the sick room.

Hilani told Erhan to keep quiet. She doesn't want to get caught. Erhan pitied Hilani. So Erhan tried his best to stay quiet. But unfortunately, one of the discipline teachers entered the sick room. So Hilani and Erhan were caught and accused of doing something indecent. 

To save herself again, Hilani told a lie. She told the teachers that Erhan forced her into the sick room. She even created a story and told everyone that they were dating. But their relationship did not end well. And Erhan was not happy with her for breaking off with him.

My fan art of Farah Hilani (Image: My Artstagram @fmooneira_art)

Hilani's story gave Erhan a bad name. Oh dear! Erhan moved to another school. But he was not happy with Hilani and planned to seek revenge on her one day. This is not over, Hilani. You need to watch out, babe :P

Years passed by. Hilani is now 27 years old and works as a secretary. Hilani's boss, Mr. Fuad is moving to another branch. So Hilani is going to get a new boss. 

Everyone in the office is talking about their new boss. According to some sources, the boss is a young man. He is tall dark and handsome. Does that sound familiar? The new boss is someone Hilani knew. He is someone from her past. And he is none other than Erhan Zikri. Yikes!

Erhan is now a suave charismatic man. He is no longer the quiet schoolboy that Hilani knew. Erhan still remembers Hilani. And he is planning a surprise for her. Yikes! Can Hilani survive Erhan? And will Hilani apologize to Erhan for what she did to him in the past?


My fan art of Erhan Zikri and Farah Hilani (Image: My Artstagram @fmooneira_art)

Overall, this novel is a very enjoyable read and I believe it is good for light reading. It is absolutely hilarious and funny. Every scene in this story makes me laugh out loud. Ahahaha!!! I also believe that BDM should be adapted into a drama series. I'm sure the drama will be fun to watch as well.

BDM is also a very chic novel with cool commercial values in it.  I like Pynat Mouri's writing style and the characters' dialogue in this novel. Both are very chic, catchy, and trendy. Pynat Mouri's writing style and the character's dialogue make this novel very enjoyable and fun to read. 

All characters that Pynat Mouri created for BDM are make-believe and compelling human beings. All have their strengths and flaws. The characters in BDM also make the story entertaining and alive. Yay! Thumbs up to the author ^_^

I rate this novel 9/10. I highly recommend Bukan Dark Metalik to my fellow bookworms who are looking for a good rom-com read. I'm sure you guys will enjoy reading Bukan Dark Metalik, especially if you like office romance and from-enemies-to-lovers tropes.

Bukan Dark Metalik is actually the first Pynat Mouri's novel that I've read. But reading this novel makes me instantly fall in love with the author's work. So I'm now looking for more Pynat Mouri's novels to read. Is anyone here familiar with Pynat Mouri's work? If yes, please recommend me one novel from the author. Hehehe ^_^

Since BDM is an enjoyable read, I'm going to share my fan cast down here...



Farah Hilani is the female lead in BDM. She is pretty, sassy, quick-witted but also naughty, notorious, and cunning. Hilani is the kind of person who will do whatever it takes to save her own ass. She is sometimes seen by others as heartless. But deep down, she's actually a nice person at heart. Like other people, Hilani is also struggling with her own battles. I believe South Korean beautiful and sassy actress, Han So Hee is the best to play Farah Hilani. I'm sure she will make this character alive.


Erhan Zikri begins as a very stoic and somber character. This dark-tall-and-handsome hunk loves his late father dearly. Erhan doesn't want anyone to replace Mr. Fahim's place as his father. At the beginning of the story, Erhan is not happy that his mother is about to marry someone new. He becomes more somber when Hilani accuses him. But as the plot grows, Erhan transforms into a cheerful character. I like the way he teases Hilani. Hehehe ^_^ I believe Bridgerton's, Regé Jean Page is the best actor to play Erhan Zikri since tall-dark-and-handsome is the character's trademark.


Hazreal is one of the side characters in BDM. He is Erhan's best friend and sidekick. Hazreal is a very adorable and lovable character. In fact, he is my favorite in the story. I believe Exo's maknae, Sehun is the best to play Hazreal.


Johana is Hilani's best friend and housemate. Johana is described by the author as a tomboy character. The way Pynat Mouri describes Johana's appearance gives me the impression that this character should be played by American rapper, Amber Liu. 

In BDM, Johana and Hazreal are never friends. But the way they argue and dislike each other is so adorable. It makes me wonder if Pynat Mouri is going to write a spin-off of BDM and make Hazreal and Johana the main characters? Oh... that will be so cute ^_^


Hadif is the antagonist in BDM. But he is not a villain. Hadif is a very handsome character and he is admired by most ladies. Umm!!! In fact, he was the captain of his school's soccer team. Hadif likes Hilani. But unfortunately, his love for her is only one-sided. I would like to see South Korean hunky actor, Nam Joo Hyuk as an antagonist. So I believe this role is suitable for him. 


Amir is one of Erhan's good friends. This character doesn't have many roles in the story. But he is still lovable to me. I believe Crazy Rich Asians' Chris Pang suits this role.

Okay, so this is my review and fan cast for Pynat Mouri's Bukan Dark Metalik. Before I end this post, let me ask you guys two questions related to BDM...

1) Has anyone read Bukan Dark Metalik by Pynat Mouri?

2) If yes, what are your opinions of the story? And do think this story should be adapted into a drama TV series?

Okay, this is all for now. Thank you for reading my post. I'll see you guys again soon. Take care ^_^


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

(Authorpreneur, Content Creator, Blogger & Illustrator)

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  1. Always good to read a light book that has you laughing every now and again!

  2. Wow, sounds like a very hearty read!! Love your illustrations too ❤❤❤

    1. Yes, Pynat Mouri is an author we should check out, best friend. Nanti holey geek about her books together. Hehehe 😃😄😁

  3. Another author I haven't come across before but I LOVE your fan cast as always - and I definitely agree with your choice of leading man :)

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  7. Such a romantic story, sounds like a great reading..

  8. I love the sound of this book. How cringeworthy that the guy who suffered due to her lies and had to change schools, ending up becoming her boss! Defiantly like the choice of the guy from Bridgerton to play him ;)

    Lindsay /

    1. Hehehe... yeah, I like the storyline. It's so K-drama and rom-com like. And I believe Regé Jean Page is the best to play Erhan. I really see him in the character.

  9. This sounds so entertaining, and a really lovely romantic story. I like the sound of this very much and think it would be an enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing it!

  10. Love a good romantic story! I enjoyed your review

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  15. MasyaAllah dah lama sangat akak tak baca novel. Nampak menarik novel Mooneira review ni. Siap nak jadikan drama/filem dengan pilihan pelakon. Hehehe. Comel betul.

    1. Hehehe... I just want to make my review fun to read. Glad you're back, Puan Ruby.

  16. Reading your review entices me to go to the bookstore and get BDM - sounds like a fun read

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