Harem Reverse- 'A Girl's Fantasy'

Anyeong hasehyo chingus ^_^ How is everything going? Rase nyer dah nak masuk 3 minggu i x publish post baru. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!! Today the reason I'm back is to share with who guys my opinion about dramas, anime series yg bergenre 'Harem'. Korang yg minat anime or Korean dramas sure dah tahu kan maksud harem tu? Keukeu! ^_^

Okay, a brief of harem,........ harem atau dlm bahase Jepun 'haremumono' mrupekan salah satu genre yg popular dikalangan pminat comic/series anime and manga where a protagonist is surrounded by three or more members of opposing sex and then ade la developed romance, friendship, dan sbg nyer. Wow! Interesting kan? Harem ade pelbagai genre. The most common harem is where the main male character is surrounded by a group of females. Example: Tenchi Muyo, Ryo Ohki, Sekirei, Rosario + Vampire, Princess Lover. Besides the normal harem, there is also a another genre of harem called 'Harem Reverse' or in Japanese 'Gyakuharemu' where a main female character is surrounded by a group of males. Ini yg mnarik ^_^. Example of harem reverse is like Brothers Conflict, Fruit Basket, and Hana Dori Dango.

Brothers Conflict (BroCons) one of the hottest Harem Reverse anime series that also have video game

Boys Over Flowers (BOF) drama Korea yg bergenre Harem Reverse

Besides anime and manga, Korean dramas pun ade juge genre harem reverse. Contoh nyer yg paling famous skali- 'Boys Over Flowers' (drama yg diadaptasikan dpd Japanese manga/anime comic- Hana Dori Dango), where the main female character, Geum JanDi is surrounded by four handsome flower boys then soon develop romance and friendship. How sweet! 

F4- Empat org jejaka kacak yg mdampingi Geum Jandi in Boys Over Flowers

Usually, in harem reverse genre nie.......... I notice most of the female characters are not planning this incident (to surrounded by a group of males) in purpose. It just happened to them suddenly. Unlike Jandi, Ema Hinata (main character in Brothers Conflict) also have the same experience. Ema's father, Rintarou remarries Miwa Asahina who is a successful apparel business owner. Miwa has 13 good looking sons. So they are gonna be Ema's step brothers when their parents get married. Romance start to bloom when Ema moves in with the 13 brothers. All the 13 brothers are in love with Ema. So Ema is having a hard time to decide for who her heart belongs to, and plus she also wants to be family with them. That's the reason why Ema also does not what to date any of the Asahina brothers. She is afraid if she dated one of them, the 12 others might be heart broken and it might ruined their family relationship. Same like Jandi, Ema also x pnah ade experience dgn guys mahupun relationship or friendship. So having 13 handsome guys surrounding her is really shock. Plus all of them are after her. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13 guys going for 1 girl. That is something man.

Ema Hinata- main character in Brothers Conflict yg huge jadi rbutan jejake2 Asahina

Ema surrender by 13 good looking Asahina brothers.

Ema and Fuuto (the 12 son) antara adegan panas dlm BroCons!

But in my very own opinion, I think harem reverse is also 'A Girl's Fantasy'.  Hehehe!!!!!!!! And also mine :P Well who would say know to have three or more good looking guys all over you kan. For sure la mesti most girls always brangan kan nak jadik macam Ema Hinata to have 13 guys all over her, or Geum Jandi who has F4. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tambahan plak most harem reverse author or artist  create all the guys so 100% gorgeous. Sape lah x nak kan. Like Brothers Conflict tu ke-13 org brothers sumer nyer head to toe kacak2 blake tmasuklah Hikaru (who is a cross-dresser- but looks really hot as man), and Wataru (youngest, 10 year old brother). Plus most of the brothers have occupation that girls like such as a doctor, game designer, and a successful lawyer who is also good at cooking and doing house work. 

Natsume Asahina- antara jejake hot dlm BroCons

Lee Min Ho (Gu Jun Pyo)- hero Boys Over Flowers yg jadi kegilaan ramai gadis

Kim Bum (So Yi Jeong) and Kim Joon (Song Woo Bin)- two good looking flower boys

Dari segi jln cerita plak, harem reverse punye ending yg agak sukar dijangke. The romance is rarely the main focus of the entire series.  Byk juge pdapat yg mngatekan harem ending are unavoidable. Macam Brother Conflict susah juge nak teka sape yg akan end up with Ema. Ema juge x tau decide and all of them are not giving up. Like in Boys Over Flowers, although in the end Jandi end up with Gu Jun Pyo, tetapi kite juge tertanye 'what happened to Jihu?(the second hero who is also in love with Jandi)'. In the last episode of BOF, Jihu did not have a new girl, and Min So Young also did not return to him. That's why we need BOF 2. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bukan saje the main character is having a dilemma to decide tapi kite sbg pnonton juge susah nak decide which is perfect for the girl coz all of them are hebat2 blake. Aigoo2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subaru, Ema, Natsume

Natsume and Ema

Hmm,..............ape lagi yg i nak cakap? Ok'lah that's all jer. Ade byk lagi kejer lain nak buat slain mnulis blog nie. I saje jer nak share my opinion with you guys about harem reverse genre nie since I'm currently addicted to Brothers Conflict (BroCons) that is currently showing on Animax now. Ok'lah, see ya. Kpd pminat anime tu jgn lupe yer BroCons on Animax tonight at 11pm. Ok, take care ^_^


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