My Love For Handbags!

Anyeong chingus, how yawl doin? Hope everything is good since weekend is approaching kan. Okies, this new post I would love to share with you my love for one of my favorite things and that is HANDBAGS! 

Handbags are the most favorite accessories in the world nowadays. I'm sure all ladies love handbags kan. Hehehe! The reason why handbags are a special item is, becoz it is close to the human desire ownership. The desire to exist and the pursuit of beauty play a role, too, but more than anything else we all have a desire to posses things. It is a fundamental way for the ego to assume a shape as well basic method to form of social relationships with the people in one's environment.

Futhermore, the bag is where we store our persona objects of importance. Btul lah tu. Nowadays women carry macam2 dlm bag mereka- wallet, phone, make up kit, car keys, house keys, and now tmasuk juge iPad, Galaxy Tab (Hehehe!), plus weapons such as paper spray and etc.

Like Jean Claude Kaufman mention in his book, Le Sac, "A bag is like a small gallery where we exhibit our own little worlds. When representing one's meaning through his possessions, ownership is not just a means of expression but close to the meaning of itself".

Yeh! I'm really crazy about handbags! I'm a handbag addict person. Hahaha...........really have to admit that. I love both high street brands and also designer ones. But ofcuz la right now most of my handbags are high street one. Not so expensive la. Insya'Allah one day biler saye successful bpluang lah beli designer bags for myself, my mother, and also my bff. Hehehe! Insya'Allah itu salah satu hajat saye.

This is also another reason why i love handbags. Becoz to me they are a motivation to work hard and improve in live. You want and LV but now you can't afford it becoz your salary is not for it. But you can always set it as a target. Work hard and smart, improve your work, get a higher salary, Insya'Allah ade la pluang beli LV. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To me all luxury stuffs are a motivation. To besides, house, gadgets, travel, leisure, designer clothes and shoes are also a motivation for me to become successful in live. Insya'Allah my favorite things will help to work hard. Amin ^_^

Louis Vuitton..........a girls best friend ^_^

Chanel classic...........the second bff!

Dior is also a desire ; )

Really love the color combination on this Fendi!

Miu Miu Biker collection. Comel giler!

MCM! A lot of K-Pop artist are carrying it. I want one!

Furla Candy.......... First target on my wish list! I wanna reward myself with one of this babies biler dpt kejer nanti. Insya'Allah ^_^


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