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Konichiwa! Hehehe...............speaking Japanese plak sjak addicted watching Brothers Conflict nie. Keukeu! Tujuan i posting today pun just nak share my opinion on BroCons. Ade x antara korang yg follow that anime series on Animax channel? If ade let's share our opinion on BroCons together...........

Last Wednesday (14 May) dah last episode of season 1 and season 2 is coming soon- so excited! Ema confess to the Asahina brothers that she decides not to date anyone (wise decision Ema-maybe! :P) and think that her decision will end the conflict. But unfortunately it gave the brothers new opportunity and hope. Hahaha! Btul la kan..............since Ema is still not attach to any guy ke-13 org Asahina brothers sumer nyer still ade hope. So why give up. Just go for her guys! Ceewah!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sokong all the brothers puler :P Looks like Ema is still going to have a tough decision next season as all of them are still after her.

Well, I think Ema should make her decision next season. Sape2 x kisah la. Asalkan jawapan nyer x tgantung lagi kan. Tapi kalo x buat decision lagi pun x pe. Panjang lagi series BroCons nie. Keukeu ^_^

Azusa, Ema , Tsubaki

After knowing that she made it to Meiji University, Ema when to celebrate with Tsubaki and Azusa. Then she told them that she love them as brothers. Tsubaki and Azusa accepts but confess to her they still love her and willing to wait for her and kiss her hands. Ayoh! Masih x give up lagi guys! Never mind keep on after her. After all it is ok for a handsome guy not to putus ase  in love. Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Subaru apologizing and confessing his love for Ema. One of the romantic part in BroCons

After returning from the date with Tsubaki and Azusa, Ema met Subaru. Subaru apologize to Ema for what he've done before. Ema forgives him and smile. Then Subaru told her that he is going to improve himself, become a man, and hope one day he will be the man Ema will look at. Yo go bro! That is the spirit! I like guy like that!

" I really love you. This feeling won't go away. It will remain forever" ~ Natsume

Natsume kissing Ema. The most romantic kiss ever!

The next day, the brothers gave Ema a graduation party at home. After the party, Ema confess to Natsume that she decide not to date anyone now. Natsume understands and confess to Ema that he is still in love with her and that he's feelings won't change and remain forever! Wow! Auw!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a man Natsume is! Then Natsume gave Ema a very passionate kiss. He apologize to her for not being a good brother, says good night and leave. Hmm..........Natsume is not a good brother? Well, that is becoz he is not mend to be Ema's big brother. He is mend to be her lover! Gosh Ema how come you did not see that! Natsume understand and really care for you. You should except his love! Erm,..........never mind. Let's see what happened between Natusme and Ema in season two. Huhuhu!

Hikaru showing Ema the Borthers Conflict Chart!

After Natsume leaves, Ema met Hikaru at the balcony. He salute Ema's courage to reject someone's love ( it is true. To reject someone's love you need the courage and be careful with your words. That's why i always say "Mereject tu lagi susah did direject"..........Hmm..............), and also show her a table he make called 'Brothers Conflict'. The table show the odds. Shows sape yg akan bjaye pikat Ema in the end. But Hikaru said these odds are useless now and will make a new one later. That is when Ema realize that her decision doesn't put this conflict to stop. It just gave everyone a new opportunity. So beware Ema. Be prepare for the brothers to wrap you in their arms again!

So that's how the first season end. None of the brothers end up as Ema's lover. But none of them gave up on her also. I've already read some review on BroCons season 2. It seems that season 2 will be more steamy, more juicy conflict. Wow! I can't hardly wait! Cpat la Animax. Hahaha! But i can also watch it online neh :P

What I've learn from BroCons is that sincere love doesn't need to give up. And if the person you love doesn't love you in return, you can't force them. You can only make that person realize what they will be missing. That is a love lesson I've learn from Asahina brothers. All of them lost in season one, but they aren't giving and also forcing Ema to be their girl. Like Subaru said, "I need to work hard and improve myself. One day, I'm gonna be a man that you will look at and I really hope that you'll see me as the man I've become". See............. Subaru is not forcing Ema. He wants to work hard and improve himself and proves to Ema what she will be missing if she totally turn him down. Same with Natsume, he also not giving up on her and believe he will win her someday. That's the spirit guys! Don't give up on Ema. She will realize some day. Now she just wants all of you all as her brothers, but soon one will be come a lover. 

Ok'lah, that's all. See you next time ^_^

...........and the race will be continue...........


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