Introducing Neira Fadima Butterfly Sisters (About NFD Logo) ^_^

Dear all hairbanistas, have you all notice that last month I've recently created a new logo for Neira Fadima Designs. Yup, it is the beautiful purple butterfly that you can see at our Facebook and Twitter with NFD's tag line on it (Accessories For You Hair The Way You Desire).

Neira Fadima Designs also have four different lines- custom made, avant garde, ready to wear, and other accessories. Just now, I've created logos for all this line. They've all are butterflies with different color, designs, and have their own meanings. So in this post I'm gonna explain to all of you hairbanistas about  all these logos and what do they represent....................

1) Stilla - The Purple Butterfly/ Main Logo/ Leader of the NFD Butterfly Sisters

Stilla is a purple colored butterfly, the eldest and the leader of NFD Butterfly Sisters. She is also the face of Neira Fadima Designs. As the face of NFD, Stilla symbolize royalty, power, nobility, luxury, ambition. She conveys wealth and extravagance. Stilla is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic for Neira Fadima Designs and NFD's customers. Stilla is what Neira Fadima designs is about. Stilla would like to encourage all hairbanistas in the world to be adventures, creative, and innovative with their styles and looks ^_^

2) Summer Glance- The Yellow Butterfly/ Custom Made 


Summer Glance is the second eldest in the siblings. She is yellow in color butterfly and represent energy, growth, rebirth, evolution, commemoration, lightness, time and soul. Summer Glance is the spokes butterfly for Neira Fadima's Custom Made line. All of our NFD custom made products will be under Summer Glance tag.

3) Anastasia- The Red Butterfly/ Avant Garde

Anastasia the center of the NFD Butterfly Sisters is the most intelligent and adventurous one. She is red in color with a mixture on black, blue, and yellow color on her wings to show her eccentric personality. Anastasia is also the endorser for Neira Fadima's avant garde collection line. Anastasia's personality is very energetic, brave, adventurous, fashionable, trendsetter, freedom. All our avant garde design products will be under Anastasia label. Some Anastasia products are ready to wear and most of them are for custom made. Products under Anastasia label's are special for girls who are eccentric, fashionable, and love to create her own style besides just following the trend. If you are like Anastasia label that means you are a trendsetter.

4) Aqua- The Blue Butterfly/ Ready To Wear

Aqua, the fourth butterfly sister has a very harmony personality. She is a bit identical to Stilla accept her wings is blue in color. Aqua is our endorser for Neira Fadima ready to wear accessories line. She represents joy, beauty, luck, and is also a wish granter. Yup! We design accessories the way you desire ^_^

5) Mandy- The Pink Butterfly/ Other Accessories

Mandy is the youngest NFD butterfly siblings. She is a pink colored butterfly. Her wings is pink in color and have floral motives on it to show her beauty and girlish side. She is our endorser for our other accessories product line such as pouches, dinner purse, etc. Besides just hair accessories NFD also sells other cute hand made products. Products under Mandy line are some ready to wear, and some are also custom made. Mandy represents spring, gratitude, appreciation, sympathy, femininity, health, love, romance, joy, innocence and admiration.

Ok'lah, that's all I wanna share with you all. Hope you all understand now what Neira Fadima Designs ae all about and hope our butterfly sisters will bring you a lot of joy. Buat mase skrang Neira Fadima Designs x dek any new accessories yet. But we are currently working on a new project now. When it is out we will announce in this blog. So stay tune ya. Have a good day and take care ^_^

Fatin Munira (Co Designer & Owner of NFD)


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