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When you heard the word 'Fashion' or maybe 'Couture', I'm sure what you have in mind is glamourous capital cities like Paris, Milan, Rome, London, and New York right? Now I would love to ask you a question. Have you ever tough about Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta, or even Kuala Lumpur as a big fashion capital? Maybe some of you who are into K-Wave, K-Pop, or J-Pop will have these cities in mind. Ok'lah, in this new post I would love to share with you another of my opinion in fashion and also travel experience. Yup, I'm relating fashion and travel for this post.

As a fashion marketing major, I always learn that most fashion capitals are in Europe. But never tough of Asia as a place for fashion. But ever since last 3 years my opinion on fashion capitals started to change. In the year 2011, I've started to enjoy Korean entertainment. By being a big follower of K-Wave I learn a lot about Asian fashion. I discover that Asian people are very creative and innovative when in comes to fashion. I definitely have to admit Asian fashion is more stylish and yet innovative compare to western fashion especially the way Koreans and Japanese people dress. I notice when it comes to fashion, Koreans and Japanese people temp not to follow the fashion rules. They just create they own look. Something different, something more chic, something beyond Joan Rivers and Nina Garcia's opinion. Hahaha! ^_^ Example of innovative fashion can be seen in what most K-Pop artist are wearing. Eg: the multi-color look, the multi pattern look, the 3 piece look, and many other.

South Korean boyband-Shinee. They are the trend setter for multi pattern and color look.

Asian people are more innovative in fashion!

Couture look inspire by Sari

Mens fashion according to Asian style

Last 3 years, I took the opportunity to travel to a few Asian countries to study Asian fashion. In the middle of 2011, I travel to Bangkok. The people in Bangkok are quite stylish. The way they dress shows a lot that Thai people do embrace fashion as part of their daily lives. Their fashion are more K-Pop influence. During the same year was also my first time experience traveling to South Korea, there I experience a lot of K-Fashion. The South Korean people are very stylish and into fashion. In fact they know how to dress well. The youngsters, the old people, the guys, the gals they are all stylish. Due to their interest in fashion, the South Korea people look after their fitness well. During my visit in South Korea I hardly see obesity people. All of them are well fit. Besides just body they also look after their skin and complexion well. If it is part of their life routine to visit the dermatology every month. To me this is a good example for keeping your interest in fashion. To be stylish you also have to be fit and look presentable. 

South Korean Girl Generation are love by most fashion people.

During summer 2012, I travel to Japan and learn about J-Fashion. In my opinion the Japanese are the most innovative and adventures people when it comes to fashion. They just wear whatever they think is cool. If any of you think Paris is the most fashionable city ever, I suggest you book a flight to Tokyo. You'll be surprise with the Japanese people's fashion sense especially at a district called Harajuku. Harajuku is a district where fashion lovers love to gather, dress their own style, and shopping for kawaii fashion. Kawaii is Japanese favorite word. It means 'cuteness'. Yep, Japanese people are really cute in fashion. Their fashion are influence from western bubble gum pop and anime/manga characters. Japanese fashion is really interesting to study. Unlike Korean fashion, Japanese fashion is also very colorful, but more innovative and imaginative.

Two Harajuku girls in Lolita Doll dress.

One of the look and style you can spot in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Lolita Doll dress quite popular in Japan.

Early this year, I visited Shanghai. The Chinese people in Shanghai are also extremely stylish and vogue voodavaz! They are so into fashion. Any spot i visit, any street i walk, it is really hard for me to count stylish people. There are too many of them. Almost all of them are stylish and have their own style. Wow! Interesting! I even notice after office hours most of the employees all walking on the street in their trendy outfits. That also shows that fashion is their lifestyle culture. How amazing!

Lately, I've been walking at Bukit Bintang area, Kuala Lumpur and notice that a lot of Malaysian people are also embracing fashion in their daily lives. So many people with different races, age, body shapes wearing their very own style. These also shows that Kuala Lumpur is now also part of Asia's glamourous capitals.

Compare to my experience traveling to the western countries not all people are into fashion over there. Only people in the big capitals like Paris, Milan, Rome, London, and New York are fashionable. When I was studying my Bachelors Degree in Manchester, I hardly see Mancunian people dressing up so trendy on the street or at the city centre. The Mancunian only dress in style if they are going to a party or clubbing at night. Same goes with people in Park City, Utah (I use to live there for 5 years and kinda grow up there). The people in Utah are just into relax outfit. Jeans and T-Shirt. Last two months I even travel to Perth, Western Australia and the people there are also wearing relax outfit.

China leading high end fashion brand- Shiatzy Chen, the pride of Asian Fashion.

My travel experience give me the knowledge that the main market for fashion is in Asia. Most of my travel experience tells me that it is Asian people who are more into fashion. Besides I believe it is also because of our culture and heritage that makes us innovative when it comes to fashion. Most Asian culture- Malay, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, or even Indian have unique traditional garments that inspire us to reinvent the traditional look into modern look. Example: China leading high end fashion brand, Shiatzy Chen is known as the Asian version of Chanel. Shiatzy Chen is also the first Asian brand to participate in Paris Fashion Week. With their tagline "The New Look of China", Shiatzy Chen embrace the traditional oriental culture with the new modern western look. These brand has full of Chienese traditional heritage that will make the brand one of the pride in Asian fashion. Besides Shiatzy Chen, our local fashion designer Salikin Sidek also has the creative and innovative idea in developing Malay traditional heritage look to modern and commercial look. I believe one day Salikin Sidek will also join Shiatzy Chen as the pride of Asian fashion.

Salikin Sidek- embracing Malay heritage look.

Ok, so that's all from me today. Just wanna share my opinion and travel experience. Kalo ade lagi saye akan share lagi. See you next time. Take care ^_^

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