Perth 2014

Eiyo everyone, now dah masuk bulan ramadhan. So how's puase treatin you all so far? Insya'Allah everything turns good and well for you guys during this beautiful month. Semoge segale nyer dipermudahkan oleh Allah S.W.T. Insya'Allah. Amin.

Ok, x nak buang mase.............

In this new post i nak share dgn you sumer my experience traveling to Western Australia. Yep! Last end of May me and family went to Perth for our vacation. Hehehe............vacation la lagi :P. Well as long as rezeki ade. Apsalah nyer kan. Huhuhu! This vacation was meaningful for us. This is our first time (ever since i balik pade Manchester dulu) kami travel ke negara org putih lagi. Ever since kami asyik travel ker negara Asia jer (Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, China). Besides that, kami also ke Perth to visit an old family friend, Auntie Arfah who already staying there. Thank you so much for the treat Auntie Pah! It was awesome!

Perth is a bit different environment compare to South Korea and Shanghai (we travel there awal 2014). It is more scenery enjoying, nature sight seeing, and country side. Not glamourous big city. Org2 Aussie kat sane pun mostly friendly and they provide good customer service. Alhamdulillah. We were satisfy with that. Kat sane pun byk org melayu. So x la susah sgt for kami nak carik makanan halal. 

At Perth, we've visited The Swan, Kings Park, Fremantle, Caversham Wildlife Park, Aqwa, Margaret Rivers Chocolate Factory, Araluen Botanical Park, and Mandurah. All these place are interesting and fun to visit. Let's share some info and pics of these places i've visited in Perth one by one...................

1) The Swan

On the first day at Perth, we've visited Swan River. It is quite a lovely place there. That is where we saw the Bell Tower. Tapi kami x naik Bell Tower tu. Just amik gamba jer kat luar. Kate nyer dlm tu ade gak tempat sangkut kunci manga like at Namsan Tower. We were there only for a while. We had the best fish & chips at a small cafe called 'Sassy On The Swan'. Memang sdap-licious! Nyomon2! After lunch, we meet up with Aunite Arfah and Mr G. They took us to Kings Park and Fremantle Market. Best giler!

2) Kings Park

Kings Park is rich in Aboriginal and European history, contemporary culture and offers innovative design, displays and services. This spot has an international reputation for scientific research, leading horticulture, conservation and public education. This park is  also a home to the spectacular Western Australian Botanic Garden, which displays over 3,000 species of the State’s unique flora. Two thirds of the 400 hectare park is protected as bushland and provides a haven for native biological diversity. Also x nak lupe mention that Kings Park is definitely and awesome place to take pictures and sesuai utk those yg suke feeling2! Hehehe!

3) Fremantle Market

After dah puas snapping a lot of pics at Kings Park, Auntie Arfah and Mr G took us for a shopping trip at Fremantle Market. It is awesome there! Shopping at Fremantle memang sronok. Macam2 Aussie authentic souvenirs boley didapati di sane. All boley bargain and worth it to buy. I really enjoyed shopping at Fremantle. Thanx Auntie Arfah and Mr G ^_^

4) Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Centre is one of the most awesome spot I've ever visited. Luckily it is not far from the place we've stayed. So x la susah nak visit Caversham. It is so exiting there. So many new different kinda wildlife spotted. Slalu kalo sbut tang Australia tentulan korang sumer akan ingatkan kangaroos and koalas kan? Hehehe! Kalo at Caversham lagi byk jenis binatang liar Australia yg korang leh tengok. Contoh sit possum, dingos, tasmanian devil, wombat, and many others. It is really interesting to learn about these creatures. Alam ciptaan Allah S.W.T.

5) Aqwa

Aqwa stands for Aquarium of Western Australia. Yep! Macam Aquaria KLCC juge la. Its Western Australia aquatic centre. Like any other aquatic centre Aqwa is also a good spot for meditating and release stress. Plus Aqwa is well design. Memang x jemu. Compare to all aquatic centre I've been, Aqwa is my second favorite. is still in Busan ^_^

6) Margaret Rivers Chocolate Factory

Margaret Rivers Chocolate Factory is a place every chocolate lover MUST visit kalo trun Perth. Kalo x visit memang la rugi. Pelbagai jenis chocolate boley dibeli di sane. Skali visit memang jadik rambang mate.

7) Araluen Botanical Garden

Araluen Botanical Park is the most enchanting place I've ever been to. Oh my oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love this place sooooooooo much! Kalo ade rezeki trun Perth lagi nak jer trun Araluen lagi. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! Araluen reminds me of Pixxie Hollow (kampung Tinkerbell). Memang enchanting! It is also a place for feeling2. Btul x Lynn Mastura? Hehehe! Tapi sayang nyer at Araluen kiteorg x dpt tengok tulip. Alahai! Mase kiteorg dtg tu tulip baru nak ditanam utk next spring. Alah! Frust nyer! Nampak gayer nyer memang sah la kena trun Perth lagi in the future. Hehehe!

8) Mandurah

Mandurah is also another awesome spot in Perth. Kat sane kiteorg naik cruise. Best giler! Mandurah nie memang tempat aristocratic. Ramai org kaye di sane. Sayang nyer saye hanye ke sane as a tourist. Bukan any rich people yg mampu beli property di sane. Sob2! Bilalah nak kaye? Hehehe........... Insya'Allah.

Ok'lah, that's i nak share with you all. To all my friends in Facebook, you can view more of my pics at Perth via my Facebook- Fatin Miori Sakura. Ok'lah tu jer. Thank you for reading. Salam berbuka puase and salam terawih. Take care.


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