Sayang Awak Mr Bear ( A Novel Review)

Annyeong everyone, today dah masuk 18 hari dah ramadhan. So fast kan time move on. My doa is you guys had a blessing ramadhan this year and an awesome up coming Aidilfitri. Hehehe ^_^

Ok, in this new post Neira just share my opinion on a novel i just finished reading. The title of the novel is 'Sayang Awak Mr Bear' by Rose Eliza, publish by Buku Prima/ Grup Buku Karangkraf.  Ok, lets cut the crab and get started..............

SAMB is a very sweet romantic love novel about two individuals- Edzuary Safuan and Nur Edleen, both were in a dilemma of what happened to them in the past that make them live in their own world. Nur Edleen was in a tragic accident that effect big changes in her life (both personality and physical). During the accident also, Edzuary and his fiancee- Hidayah was on their way to their own destination. They suddenly saw Edleen's car hit a big tree and almost got burn. Edzuary manage to save Edleen from the fire. But unfortunately he lost Hidayah during the incident. Hidayah was hit by a car when she tries to cross the street to join Edzuary to save Nur Edleen. Losing Hidayah also change Edzuary's life.

Five years after the accident,  Edzuary and Nur Edleen's parents tries to fix them in an arrange marriage in purpose to wake  them from the trauma they are in now. Both Edzuary and Nur Edleen agreed with the marriage. So they got married. However Edzuary and Nur Edleen did not love each other at the first place. But as time changes, the two couples start to understand, get to know each other and develop romantic feelings for each other.

In my opinion, jalan cerita novel SAMB ini sangat sweet and romantic. Pada awalnya saya sangat geram dan sakit hati dgn Edzuary Safuan. He is so arrogant! I really don't like the way he treated Nur Edleen. Tapi bila Edzuary mula kenal and jatuh cinta dengan Nur Edleen, my opinion on Edzuary start to change. Wow! Sungguh x percaya..........lelaki yg bongkak boleh jadi romantic and sweet giler! Memang  I sendiri pun jatuh cinta dengan character Edzuary Safuan. Hehehe ^_^................not to mention that i imagine Song Jung Ki as Edzuary. Hehehe! I paling suka the moment where Edzuary tries to apologize  to Nur Edleen, he couting with Edleen's bffs- Ezzura, Eka Farisha, and Azie, and also hired 3 children's and an old women. Wah! Sweet! Suka sangat ayat dia time tu. "Hati Edzuary Safuan adalah milk Nur Edleen sepenuhnya, dan hati Nur Edleen pula adalah milk Edzuary Safuan buat selama-lamanya". Wow! Best kalau dapat jumpe jejaka macam Edzuary Safuan ini.

Ok'lah, tu saja yg Neira nak share dengan you all semua. Have a good day take care ^_^

Ps: Utk mereka yg suka sangat baca romance novel, I suggest you all baca novel 'Sayang Awak Mr Bear'. Boleh didapati di mana bookstore berdekatan.

Ini dia novel 'Sayang Awak Mr Bear'. Even illustration dia pun sangat comel dan menarik minat pembaca untuk membaca.

Hehehe..............terbayangkan Sung Jung Ki as Edzuary Safuan la pula ^_^

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