If Brothers Conflict Becomes A Korean Drama ^_^

Ohaiyo peeps! Hows your rocking weekend? Now dah masuk 10 hari terakhir ramadhan. Huh! Cepat kan. Oh how i wish ramadhan is longer. Kejap lagi dah nak raya dah kita. Macam mana? Dah selesai shopping for raya? Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I'm sure today and tomorrow you all semua mesti tengah seronok shopping for raya kan? Hahaha!

Ok'lah, in this new post Neira still nak sembang2 with yawl semua about Brother Conflict, series anime harem reverse yg popular tu. Alamak! Apa nak jadi dengan aku ni? Masih demam BroCons ke? Hahaha! Tapi kali ini Neira nak share dengan yawl semua if BroCons nak dijadikan Korean drama macam Boys Over Flowers tu and who should play the 13 gorgeous Asahina brothers. Hehehe! I just wanna give my opinion which gorgeous Korean actor should play Asahina brothers. However Neira nak ingatkan you all semua that this is only my opinion ok. Jangan ada yang percaya pula nanti. Another thing, Neira hanya ada opinion on who will be Tsubaki, Azusa, Natsume, Subaru, Iori, Yusuke, and Fuuto ya. For Massaomi, Ukyo, Kaname, Hikaru, Louis and Rui Chan i still don't have anyone in mind yet ^_^. Ok, lets share..............

Joong Il Woo as Tsubaki

The fifth son of the Asahina family and one of the triplets at age 24. He is a voice actor alongside his identical triplet brother Azusa. He is cheeky and pushy, but is hard-working and is passionate about his career. In episode 4, Tsubaki kisses Ema when he was depressed and kisses her again in episode 6, as well as revealing his feelings for her. He loves and cares for Azusa.

At first i was confuse to think who is suitable for Tsubaki Asahina character. Then i teringat pula Joong Il Woo in SKK Scandal and 49 Days. The sweet cheeky adorable smile ^_^,  i think Il Woo is cool enough to play Tsubaki. WoW!

Kim Hyun Joong As Azusa Asahina

The sixth son of the Asahina family and one of the triplets at age 24. Like his identical triplet brother Tsubaki, he is also a voice actor. However, he is calmer and less tenacious than Tsubaki and is usually the one to keep Tsubaki in check. In episode 8, he confesses to Ema after realizing his feelings for her.

Unlike for Tsubaki's character, i was also confuse of which Korean actor should play Azusa Asahina. But early this morning while watching BroCons with my Eomoni, she suggest that Azusa character should be play by the very hot and handsome Kim Hyun Joong. Wow! I was kinda surprise with Eomoni's suggestion. Not to mention my Eomoni is also a big fan of KHJ. At first think Azusa's character is too dainty for KHJ. But when i start to think clearly, i agree with Eomoni. Asuza Asahina should be play by Kim Hyun Joong. There have the sweet same features.

Kim Joon as Natsume Asahina

The seventh son of the Asahina family and one of the triplets at age 24. Unlike Tsubaki and Azusa, he is a fraternal triplet. He is the CEO of a video game company that makes one of Ema's favorite video games, "Zombie Hazard". Unlike the rest of the brothers, he lives alone. He has a blunt way of talking but is very good at looking after others. It is revealed in episode 9 that he has feelings for Ema.

Natsume Asahina is my favorite Asahina brother and also character in BroCons. First time i saw Natsume i already know who should play him. Yup! It is definitely the very gorgeous Kim Joon. Hehehe! I really see a lot of Kim Joon in Natsume. Natsume's character is very similar to Prince Song Woo Bin (Kim Joon's character is Boys Over Flowers). Not to mention they both are very good looking ^_^ Both of them are also very smart and has a blunt way of talking. Kalau memang betul BroCons akan diadaptasi kepada Korean drama.............PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! LET KIM JOON BE NATSUME! To me, Kim Joon is the only person who can be Natsume.

Teacyeon 2PM as Subaru Asahina

The ninth son of the Asahina family who just turned 20 in episode 2. He is a college sophomore and is very athletic, being on the basketball team. He has no knowledge about girls, so he doesn't know how to deal with them. As a result, he gets tense when around Ema. He asks Ema out in episode 5.

Unlike Natsume, the first time i saw Subaru Asahina i already knew who should play this character. It gotta be 2PM's hottie, Taecyeon. Yup, they have the same hot feature. Although both of them are totally hot, but still both have very shy and adorable personality. So i think memang kenalah Teacyeon for Subaru character.

Lee Min Ho as Iori Asahina

The tenth son of the Asahina family at age 18. He is a high school senior and is known for having a prince-like behavior. He is very popular, even well-known in other high schools. He is very accepting of Ema when she comes in to the family. Iori has a knowledge of any type of flower and what they mean. He tends to give Ema some flowers relating to her current situations.

Hehehe......... tak lupa juga Korean Prince of Harem Reverse genre ^_^ Yup! I believe Lee Min Ho should be Iori Asahina. They both are gorgeous. 

Kim Bum as Yusuke Asahina

The eleventh son of the Asahina family at age 16. He is a delinquent who happens to go to the same school as Ema and coincidentally is her classmate. He has a righteous personality and hates anything to be incorrect, despite also being a delinquent. It is revealed in episode 2 that he was already having a crush on Ema at school, even before she became his sister. He was very confused when she was accepted in the family.

In my opinion, Yusuke is a very cute character and before, i was also kinda confuse to chose who should play him. Then i suddenly remember Korean cute actor- Kim Bum. Yet, i remember Kim Bum use to wear brown red hair in That Winter The Wind Blows. So i'am thinking that Kim Bum should be Yusuke since they both are very cute ^_^

Choi Min Ho as Fuuto Asahina

The twelfth son of the Asahina family at age 15. He is in the 9th grade and is a very popular idol. He has a devilish and cheeky personality. However, he can be very mature for his age. He loves to tease Ema about being his "beautiful idiot sister". He later develops romantic feelings toward Ema.

At first i have so many opinion of who should play Fuuto Asahina since South Korea has so many good looking idols and actors. But when i saw Fuuto's baby brown eyes, i start to picture Shinee's Choi Min Ho as Fuuto. Yeh! I think Choi Min Ho is the best guy to play Fuuto Asahina. After all Choi Min Ho can also be cheeky. Hehehe! ^_^

Ok'lah, that's all for this post. Mesti best kalau BroCons diadaptasi as a Korean drama kan. Hope any of picks above will be selected as the Asahina brothers. Btw, I was thinking to make Song Jung Ki as Louis Asahina. I wonder if it is suitable. Hehehe! Take care and have a good day. Asheiteru peeps ^_^

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