Manchester My Memory Lane (Special Episode)


Happy weekend ^_^ syukur Alhamdulillah kerana diberi kesempatan utk menulis SPECIAL EPISODE OF MY UK ADVENTURE - MANCHESTER MY MEMORY LANE seperti yg dijanjikan dlm post yg lepas. This episode is about my one day tour in Manchester visiting my alma mater - Manchester Metropolitan University (Man Met) and all my favorite lepak spots masa zaman collage dulu. This episode will be more info graphic - let the picture do the talking. Ok, lets get started...............

Stage Coach Bus

Me inside the Stage Coach Bus. Stage Coach Bus was my transport when i was studying in Manchester. This bus is very convenient and easy to take. This bus goes almost everywhere in Manchester. Besides going to campus, i also take this bus to go to the city center, Trafford Center Mall, Old Trafford Stadium, and many other places. Masa zaman belajar dulu senang nak naik public transport. Most Universities in Manchester provide Uni Rider for their students. Uni Rider is like a season past. All we need to do is pay to get the Uni Rider every term/semester. Dah ada Uni Rider tu tunjuk jer la card nyer kat driver bus trus dpt naik. Hehehe! The Uni Rider allow us to ride Stage Coach Bus, and also Magic Bus. Tapi bus2 lain x boley sebab x list dlm Uni Rider.

Manchester Metropolitan University Main Campus - All Saints Building

Yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ini dia Manchester Metropolitan University's main building- The All Saints Campus. This campus is situated near the city center. Although this is not my campus, i still hang out here a lot. I love hanging out at the library. There were a lot of books to read (fiction and non-fiction) and also a good place to revise study.

Salad Subs & Spuds

Salad Subs &Spuds. During my second year in Manchester, i seldom come to this food stall to buy spud (jacket potato) for lunch/tea snack after class. Wow! It's really awesome that this stall is still around after eight years i left Manchester. This stall is situated in front of All Saints Campus. If you travel to Manchester, i reckon you to try the spud at Salads Subs &Spuds. You are gonna love it!

Sugden Sports Center

Me in front of Sugden Sports Center. Di sinilah tempat saya membakar lemak dan membuang calories every weekend. I love going to the gym here and also attending aerobic classes. I use to join step up, kick, and zumba aerobics when i was in Manchester. 

Ps: I seriously need to do a lot of aerobic know what i mean.................. ^_^

Manchester Metropolitan University Student Union

Manchester Metropolitan University Student Union. This is also one of my favorite lepak spot masa zaman student dulu. I use to hang out here with buddies just for chips, tea, coffee, and also discuss on group assignments. LOL...........those were the day....................

Oxford Court

Oxford Court. This is where i used to stay during my second year in Manchester. The balcony with the yellow hoover inside is the unit i used to stay. Oxford Court is a very nice and comfortable place to stay. The units and rooms are very clean and spacious. It is part of Man Met student homes. Oxford Court is situated at Hulme Street and it is just behind the All Saints Campus. There are also restaurants, shops, and bus stops nearby. So this place is quite convenient to stay for students.

Manchester Metropolitan University Hollings Campus

Hollings Campus. This is the campus i used to study at. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My course was BSC Hons International Fashion Marketing under Clothing Technology Faculty. This campus is situated at Platt Fields behind of Rusholme area.  Jauh sikit dpd city center.  Masa sampai Holling Campus hari tu, i was surprise to see that this campus had close down. Oh dear! Why! Balik tu bukak website Man Met baru tahu rupa2 nyer campus Hollings nie dah tutup. Isseh! All faculties kat campus Hollings nie dulu sumer nyer dah pindah ke campus lain. My faculty dah join Faculty of Arts and Humanity dan juga sudah menjadi Manchester Fashion Institute. Walaubagaimanapun saya tetap tidak melepaskan pluang utk bergambar di depan Hollings Campus sbg ingatan. Mana tahu next time dtg dah x dek langsung dah bangunan Hollings nie.

Wilmslow Park

Wilmslow Park! This is the place i stayed during my first year in Manchester. I would recommend you that this is the best place to stay. Wilmslow Park is part of Manchester student homes and belong to Opal company. This place is very convenient. Bawah flat ada pelbagai supermarket like Tesco, Lidels, and Londis. There is also a halal Subway Sandwich and Cafe Nero under the flat. Best kan! However, there's only one thing that change. Last time there was a pub under Wilmslow called Varsity. But now Varsity has turn to Poundland Store.Varsity is where me and my flat mates -Indy, Kate, and Maria used to hang out and watch football. Wilmslow Park is situated at Rusholme area. Rusholme is also known as the curry mile of Manchester. Yup! Banyak Pakistani and Indian muslim tinggal di Rusholme area. So it is very easy to find halal food here. Byk halal restaurant and there is a halal food supermarket at Rusholme area.

Whitworth Park

Whitworth Park. Situated opposite of Wilmslow Park. Kat park nie lah saya selalu jogging dan bersiar-siar dgn member2.

Worldwide Supermarket

Worldwide Supermarket. This is the supermarket where you can get halal food. Even Maggi dari Malaysia pun ada jual kat sinie. Worldwide is also situated at Rusholme area.

Moonlight Ice Cream Parlor

If you love Baskin Robbins or Haagen Dazs ice creams, you might wanna try Moonlight. Moonlight is the best ice cream in Manchester. Ice cream dia pun affordable. Moonlight is also situated at Rusholme area.

Sabiha's Hair & Beauty Studio

Sabiha's Hair & Beauty Studio. This where i get my hairdo. Also situated at Rusholme.

Jazeera Restaurant

Jazeera Restaurant. One of my favorite spot to dine at. Jazeera Restaurant is highly recommended in Trip Advisor. This restaurant is famous for Kobeda Kebab. Kepada korang yg kaki makan memang x boley miss la Jazeera nie kalo travel Manchester. Servings dia memang besar. Satu pinggan boley share 3 org. Nasi dia juga sedap-licious. Jazeera Restaurant is also situated at Rusholme area. Selain Jazeera, kat Rusholme ada byk juga restaurant halal yg boley korang cuba. Antaranya Crunchy Fried Chicken, Sanam Sweethouse & Restaurant, The Shere Khan, Lal Qila Rusholme, dan banyak lagi.

Ok'lah itu saja dari saya in this special episode. Happy weekend and enjoy it while it last. 


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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  1. Good post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ni boley jadi travel log utk mereka yg nak visit Manchester!

  2. Good post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ni boley jadi travel log utk mereka yg nak visit Manchester!


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